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Top Tips To Take Your Personal Blog To The Next Level

For several years there’s been a steady rise in the number of individuals taking their hobby activities and converting them into full time, paying job roles. In many cases, the most successful bloggers active on the Internet today didn’t intend their blogs to become money-making networks, rather they started writing about what they loved, and opportunities came their way to monetize the content and give up their day job.

If your personal blog has an impressive visitor count, and you’re thinking about taking it to the next level to become a full time blogging professional, here’s how you can do it:

Find your unique selling point (USP)

It seems there’s plenty of space on the Internet for a number of bloggers to work in overlapping areas and still have a unique point of view and tone of voice to engage with their customers.

On the one hand, the market represents plenty of opportunities for writers, but the over-saturation of specific sectors can also be a challenge. Research suggests there are 750,000 beauty bloggers in the UK alone; the ones who are truly successful have a unique selling point (USP) to deliver to visitors. What’s your USP and how can you create your competitive advantage?

Invest in your brand

Brand design will also be of paramount importance when establishing a competitive advantage. As the face of your blog, you should consider what you communicate to your users in everything you do from the tone of voice you represent, to the topics you write on, to the way you photograph your subjects and the colors you use in your website.

You could consider working with a brand design expert to create a branded world that’s unique to you and your blog.

Look for mentor blogs

The blogging community can be a supportive, nurturing and inspiring place. As such, you should choose your mentor blogs — the ones you look up to as ‘best in class’ — and reflect upon what moves they’ve made to reach their success.

Don’t be hesitant to reach out to your mentor bloggers; ask them about their journey, what they’ve found difficult so far and if they have any words of advice for you at the start of your process.

Drive more traffic

If you started your blog as a fun pastime, you might not have considered the power of your content to drive traffic through search engine optimization.

Moving forwards, using SEO strategies can be game-changing in driving more traffic to your blog site. White label link building services will provide you with everything you need to increase your visitor count.

Monetize where you can

Introducing paid partnerships and advertising deals in your blog is a fantastic way to take it to the next level, but you should be strategic with who you represent. Stay true to your authentic tone of voice and blog theme, or you may see your visitor numbers decreasing as the content becomes less relevant to your core demographic.

Again, this is something you can ask established professional bloggers for their advice on. Use your new network and assess all monetizing opportunities to ensure they are a good fit your brand.

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