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Internet of Things – Connectivity and Innovation

Have you ever thought about controlling your house’s daily consumption of water and electricity by phone? Or monitor intelligent smoke sensors that can send emergency alerts directly to your phone, if there is any threat of fire in your home? This, along with other devices with voice recognition and Bluetooth connection, is just part of the revolution that the Internet of Things is bringing to our lives.

Experience high connectivity that integrates various technological devices to facilitate our daily lives, and even save resources and simplify domestic processes, was one of the main themes presented in this years CES Conference, held in Las Vegas last January. However, sometimes it can be hard to properly connect such different devices.

This is especially true if we are talking about devices from different generations, such as old air conditioning systems, or if, instead of a regular home, we talk about spaces like data centers. “Those systems are designed to never change,” says Scott Noteboom, founder of Litbit. “They are completely isolated from each other.”

Noteboom has worked for Yahoo and Apple in the past, and in both companies his job was deeply connected to servers and data centers, as well as their expansion. So, it is safe to say that he is someone used to the problems found in connecting devices on those places – exactly the reason why he decided to found Litbit.


Now, and after three years of work, Litbit presents RhythmOS, a operating system created by them allowing to the creation and development of apps that connect and manage different devices. By default, RhythmOS ships with three apps: Maestro, a system to program custom automations and flows for connected gadgets with ease; Vitals, for creating custom alerts and settings; and Intellect, to probe and analyze data.

This is something that can potentially be game changing for the Internet of Things niche, something that investors also believe in, as Litbit recently received $7 million in investment.

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