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On-SERP SEO – How to Get Your Site Ranked High

The rules of the SEO game have changed a lot. The days when you had to use a couple of quality keywords and get a few backlinks in order to bring a site to the SERP top have gone. Google search results are already more than just 10 links. Since the majority of links have become more diverse and interactive, they started to bring fewer clicks to the site.

To improve the situation and fix site performance, the new concept replaces the traditional approach in SEO. Instead of tracking and improving only organic rankings, you need to use a more integrated strategy: on-SERP SEO. Thus, you will be able to receive more feedback from each user of the query, regardless of whether this query generates a link to a website or not.

What Is on-SERP SEO?

On-SERP SEO is a multi-faceted SEO strategy that focuses on optimizing your site so that it takes up as much space as possible on each landing page of Google search results. It’s also about each search query as a whole, not about optimizing and monitoring a single position.

Now, it is not enough to have a high organic rating for good visibility in SERP; instead, you need to work to achieve the following:

  • Your presence in the field of the recommended fragment (extended fragments/snippets);
  • Video display in the carousel;
  • Your site displays if the user clicks on any of the “similar queries;”
  • Content for the “Interesting Findings” section;
  • The presence of your business in Google My Business to show users search results “near you.”

Each Google SERP is unique and requires a creative approach and as much information about your brand as possible.

Why Is On-SERP SEO So Important?

On-SERP SEO is not a completely new concept. As Google’s work with data becomes richer and more interactive, focusing only on the standard 10 positions becomes less effective. So, if you want your brand to be seen every time a user enters a targeted query, then make sure that on-SERP SEO is a part of your strategy.

You need to look, study, and test which method will be better for you: an extended snippet or a standard link. In addition to advanced descriptions, you need to focus on other optimization features, such as:

  • People also ask snippet;
  • Popular products;
  • Recipes;
  • Search recommendations, etc.

How to Optimize Pages for on-SERP SEO?

You need to determine what types of content can help you optimize your online resource for each query. But first, you need to look at the results of the query on Google in both mobile and desktop versions to determine what you have done so far and what can be done better.

On-SERP elements that you can use for optimization are just numerous. Google has added SERP features to its search results. For some search results, these functions may be images mixed in SERP; for others, it may be news sections, similar offers, etc. Let’s analyze the most popular.

#1 – Video Carousel

Video carousels address a huge number of search queries, both on mobile and desktop devices. They also occupy a fairly large share of the SERP segment, especially on mobile devices. In Google’s mobile search engine, you can also see the video timeline that you can use to navigate to the part of the video that interests you the most.

#2 – Image

Images are also popular search elements that sometimes occupy almost the entire top of the screen. To optimize the image, you do not need to do any special manipulations, except for basic optimization with the “alt” tag and adding images to all pages of your site.

#3 – Local Businesses

Your site can only appear in the results if you have a local business that you verified through Google My Business.

#4 – Google Shopping

Google Shopping results appear in SERP when Google identifies a particular search query like the one with a commercial purpose. These results usually appear in a special section labeled “Advertising.” In order for your products to appear there, you need to set up the Google Shopping snippet.

#5 – Interesting Findings

The Interesting Findings is a mysterious search element that appears only on mobile devices. It looks like Google is trying to create great content that goes beyond traditional ranking factors. To increase your chances of being a part of the content offered at the Interesting Findings section, we recommend that you create all kinds of interesting content on the target topic, including history, instructions, reviews, etc.

To Summarize

Advanced snippets and interactive Google search results require content marketing strategies and proper SEO optimization. You need to evaluate each page as a whole, which is both a challenge and an additional potential for improving the quality of content, brand reputation, loyalty, user engagement, and more. In order to make the maximum out of your efforts, keep an eye on extended snippets, analyze your customer needs, and address all their interests in a timely manner. Thus, you will always know what people are looking for and how you can help them find your site, product, services in the shortest time.

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