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Why have women an edge in car sales?

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ does not apply in the business world. Car dealers specifically need to showcase what they are, how they do business, how customers will be benefited; all these presentations play a crucial role for rising in sales. Women, in recent times, are showing praiseworthy performances in car sales and here are a few reasons for this:

Softer way to sell

Women are softer and more sensible in nature than men, and it shows on their marketing/selling strategies of cars too. Women create a customer-friendly ambiance in the dealership stores with simple homely amenities like fresh flowers, homemade eateries, a popcorn machine along with the coffee machine etc. These simple changes make the customer feel at home and satisfied while planning or dealing with a car. Generally, women are much more focused on the customer’s need and show more empathy for them. Many dealers admit that the sales do rise up after having a few women at their sales desk and this definitely has to do with the softer ways of women to sell and deal with customers.

Establishing a digital presence

Social media has ushered over the past decade and to grow up in sales, the salesperson needs to frame their business solution perfectly to mark their presence on the online platform. Women, particularly, have an edge in this field of online demonstration. A digital presentation by a woman focused on optimizing business the outcome for the customer gives a special appeal to the social media and it definitely gives a boost in the sales. Women bring an aura of commitment towards customer satisfaction and trust in the video-presentation of the product. The point is they are naturally more comfortable in describing how the particular product would help the customer vis-à-vis business and other relevant information that would help the client. Women undoubtedly have an upper hand when it comes to digital-social selling.

Always be connecting

This would be an extension of the previous point regarding social media and online marketing. ‘Always be connecting’ is the backbone of a success of any business. And in this digital era, with more ease of connectivity, networking and relationship building is the key to success. Building network does not require being present in the workplace always and this is an advantage from women’s point of view. Even if a woman sales person/dealer is constrained due to other commitments at home, she can build business connections and go along comfortably with marketing and other sales related work staying at her home. It is a typical scenario where a woman can’t pull off dual responsibilities of managing profession and household duties simultaneously. Social networking plays a key role here, because she can be at her home and yet stay connected to every event, meetings related to business.

Female executives are relationship specialists

It is completely a feminine quality to be excellent at maintaining the relationship. They can always think a little more for the comfort and satisfaction of the customers. A little more information, even if not being asked, like “how much do you pay for car insurance” is what a customer likes to know about and women are deft in providing such information which is important for a customer. Always very keen to set the right kind of bond with the customer and a ‘happy to be at your service’ attitude makes female executives the relationship expert.

Businesswoman listening first

Women are obviously the better listeners than men. Be it at work, home or in a relationship, women are known for keeping the other person’s interest and need ahead of their own. This quality of women makes them shine when it comes to reputation in the business world. A business woman tends to be more calm and attentive while listening to customer’s views, comment and problem. Customers feel like they are being heard and taken care of especially by a woman sales person. The Internet also has helped women, in this area, giving them the freedom to attend to customer’s need and find a solution being in the home or travel obligation even.

Whenever a customer comes up with a problem or is confused in taking decisions, the general tendency of a woman is to empathize, bring out more information and viewpoints and then help the customer in solving the issue or make a decision. The baseline is women sales person don’t sell a product, they help the customer in buying the product. This simple inherent trait in women makes them excel in the sales world. This sensible listening attitude of women makes the customer believe and trust them while making a business decision.

To conclude, cars have always been a male dominated business area. But over the last ten years, though very few, some leading car manufacturer companies have hired women at every level, starting from sales person to top level managing executives and results have come out brilliant. This shows that talented women who have a niche for cars can certainly rule this car business.

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