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4 Tech Essentials of 2017

The tech world is easily the most sought after among young and older alike. 2017 has begun and we are about to close the first month for this year. As the year progresses there are certain products that are expected to appear and others that may very well surprise us.

Tech is ruling the world. From our personal lives to professional we are engulfed in tech such as the use of smart watches, tablets, computers, Log Template etc. Our reliance on tech can be gauged via our need to post on Facebook, whatever goes in our lives, to update our profile because we are growing professionally, to constantly take pictures, the urge to simplify our tasks so as to save us time and energy

All these efforts require technology to be it social media or other tools at our disposal. So in order to address the requirement for upgrading tech in the year 2017, we have compiled a list which is as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S8

Galaxy Note 7 was a disaster and a quick comeback for Samsung would be to launch its flagship phone in the form of Galaxy S8. Not much is known about this gadget, but it is said that it will incorporate a digital assistant powered by Viv technology — an AI created for Samsung by the same group of people as Siri.

It is also expected that with Galaxy S8, it is time Samsung might introduce its bendable phone and the fact this information is credible is because the company recently filed for patented rights to such a phone. Although the news are dispersed due to its debacle of Note 7, as stated earlier, but you never know. Look forward to it towards the fall of 2017.

Newer Apple Products

New iPads are in the pipeline as per trusted sources and it is intended to lay its focus on Pro line. There will be enhancements to Apple Pencil stylus and fresh screen sizes. Another product that will hit the stores in 2017 will be an iMac, which is said to have been integrated with upgraded display resolution.

It has been a long while since Apple brought innovations to its computer. It is said that an addition of USB-C port is expected in its new iMac, but nothing can be said about its release date as of yet. The iPhone 8, of course, will be its biggest launch of the year. With added features and inclusion of augmented reality, iPhone 8 is going to rock hard!

Nintendo Switch

For the fans of Nintendo, they should mark their calendars for March 2017. It is because Nintendo is bringing their Switch console to television and four doubles in the form of a portable system. The reveal by Nintendo came towards the end of 2016. Although, the pricing and the titles that will accompany the console are yet to be revealed, but this March it’s all going to fall in place.

Xbox Project Scorpio

The next-Gen console is going to get even better with Project Scorpio at the helm of it. It is basically a more powerful version of Xbox One which is built in 4K TVs and for VR headsets such as the famous Oculus Rift. The time for its slated release is, fall of 2017 and will cater to that gaming audience which prefers performance over everything else.

The list above is not exhaustive, but covers some highly anticipated tech/gadgets to come out in 2017.

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