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Top Tips For The Fashion-Conscious male to Master Vaping

For years now, smoking has been portrayed as a sign of wealth and fashion in the media but – given the health implications – there has been a dramatic shift to vaping.

Though it’s not risk-free, some would say that vaping is a ‘healthier’ alternative to smoking that can be used as an aid to quit. Whilst others argue that electronic cigarettes are just as bad as conventional ones. The truth is, many people – particularly the fashionable male and youngsters – view vaping as a style statement, and e-cigarettes have quickly become a trendy accessory.

Whether you’re wanting to learn the ropes before you start vaping or you’ve vaped for a while now but want to make sure you look stylish, read on for a few helpful tips…

Be stylish

Think of your vape as an accessory.

Many e-cigarette manufacturers are focusing on the appearance of their devices to make them more attractive – encouraging people to substitute their usual cigarettes with an e-cig. Available in an assortment of colours, shapes and sizes, you should have no issue finding hardware that complements your sophisticated look.

Be confident

Notice how models ooze confidence; knowing they look great and all eyes are on them? Some fashion shows even dedicate a small part of the show to vaping, where models take to the catwalk with a vape firmly in their hand. Ok, so looking ‘cool’ whilst vaping takes time to master but – as long as you’re determined and self-assured – you’ll get there!

Be considerate

Vaping might not pose the same health risk as traditional cigarettes, and can often be used in public spaces where smoking is prohibited, but it’s a good idea to take a look around and assess your environment first. Be considerate of others and always ask before you vape in case someone is sensitive to smells or would prefer you not to do it near them.

Learn some cool tricks

If you really want to look suave when vaping, it’s worth having a look online for some easy to learn vape tricks and giving them a go. Plus, the more you practice, the better you’ll get, meaning you’ll be executing them effortlessly before you know it.

Choose a tasty flavour

As much as it pays to select a vape that goes nicely with your outfit and makes a fashion statement, you also want to pick a flavour that will tantalise your taste buds and deliver the required hit of nicotine to keep your smoking habits at bay. The good news is, there are plenty of e-liquids (otherwise known as e-juices) on the market, including fruit, mint and menthol, sweet, dessert and tobacco varieties.

If you’re looking to experiment with flavours, be sure to take a look at the extensive range of e-liquids available to buy online at Cloudstix. They offer well-respected brands, such as Steep Lyfe, Bad Juice and Vampire Vapes, and a selection of shortfills, nicotine shots, nicotine salt e-liquids and more.

It’s also worth checking out their clearance as they regularly move items into the sale – either because they are coming towards the end of their shelf life or have been discontinued – allowing you to purchase your favourites for a fraction of the price.

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