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5 Modern Gadgets every Parent must know for their kid’s development

It’s great for kids to have modern gadgets to keep them company, explore the world, and experience new things. These gadgets may be mechanized toys like remote-controlled cars or digital watches, laptops, and other smart devices.

Technology has become an important part of our daily lives. Its effects on our activities are quite distinct, and kids aren’t left out. While giving them lovely treats are great, satisfying their intelligence quotient, and health fitness should not be neglected. Getting modern kid gadgets for your kids not only helps in kids’ development but boosts the child’s confidence and health habits.

There are specific modern gadgets you should know as a parent that may be useful in your child’s development and wellbeing. We have made a collection of 5 impressive devices for your kids based on age, hobbies, interests, and skills. Check them out!

Littlehippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Trainer

MELLA sleep trainer has a nap timer, an alarm clock, night light, and sleep sound machine, all in one. This gadget helps you prepare your kids for school by waking them up early. This kid’s gadget is available in a basic design that looks like an alarm clock with kid features inclusive. It is designed for children, with a Kid-safe material of silicone and ABS.

These materials make this gadget durable and resilient. It has other functionalities embedded in it such as an Alarm clock that gives different alarm sounds preparing your kids for a new day. Other features of this gadget are the night light which provides the room with a glow with five colour options. This kid’s gadget enables setting a countdown time for siesta and rest so you can get engaged with other activities and be active.


For a parent who’s worried about how to keep the kids entertained when they’re not in school, then PIQQ gadget is the device for you. This gadget is a mini portable projector designed as a small projector that you can carry about easily without breaking a sweat.

The PIQQ projector is a helpful device for kids to improve and develop their cognitive skills. It is durable and easy to use. It comes with a fascinating 200 lumen of projection power and 1080p resolution to give you 240-inches strong contrast and sharpness. With this, you can download beautiful shows for your kids from YouTube. There are over 3 million apps you can download on this gadget from Google Play store.

With over 50 hours of music playtime and 5 hours of video playtime, your kids can stream songs and listen to their favourite songs for long hours. It also has HI-FI speakers that give high and low sounds for great audio experiences.

Other features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology, Apple play, and lots more. Also, the PIQQ gadget has USB, headphones, and HDMI ports. It also has an SD card slot and 16GB internal storage so your kids can download and save their favourites to watch later.

LilGadgets Kids Headphones

Kids love listening to music and flowing with great sound. A great way to make them enjoy this is by getting a headphone designed for kids so they can carry it around while travelling. Wired headphones are usually the best for travelling, and LilGadgets kid headphones give a whole new experience and make travelling exciting.

This gadget for kids is made to be lightweight and durable, suitable for kids within the age of 3-7 years. Other features include its share port abilities that enable you to pick sounds using two different headphones from one source. This kids headphone has audio quality with suitable characteristics for kids.

One can reduce noise on this gadget, yet clear sounds will be heard. The device has a limited volume of 93 dB, a suitable range to prevent damage. It has a 4-feet long audio cable embedded in braided nylon.

FitBit Ace

This gadget featured a fitness watch for kids to make their fitness training more exciting. FitAce is a nice gadget used to track kids daily steps and active periods. It is designed to keep your child motivated and engaged throughout the day. With this kids gadget, a parent can monitor a child’s sleeping and calories burnt. It also has a unique hand band, about 15 mm in width. Display features include an OLED tap display that is exciting for kids. With this, you can keep in touch with your kids and when they see your notifications or tap to call.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kindle

This device is a must-have for kids to allow them to watch cartoons, optimize their gaming experience, and read digital comics. With Amazon Fire HD 8 Kindle, kids will get fascinated. It is designed like a kids toy, but it isn’t. This gadget has features such as a 7-inch display with a screen resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

It is strong and durable, not likely to break when it falls on the floor. It also has a kids-proof case to prevent destruction by kids when they play. Besides, it is lightweight and can be carried about. With the 2MP camera specification with a 2MP rear camera facing it, your kids can make great photo moments. This gadget is suitable for boys and girls, and it also has a stereo jack. In performance, this gadget has a Quad-core processor of 1.5GB and 1.3GB RAM, making for speed efficiency.

You can also connect your kids with a safe browser to the internet using an inbuilt antenna dual-band WiFi to prevent access to illicit content. It has USB 2.0 ports for data transfer and charging. With such a device, your kid has enough time to browse, watch videos, read, and listen to music because of its elongated battery life. You need not worry about power supply because it has a 10-hour battery life and this can be sustained over 6 hours of charging. Keep your kids busy with this gadget.

Above we have listed some of the exciting gadgets, you should try out with your kids. We hope you have found one that catches your fancy, try it out, so amazing!

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