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What Are Experts Saying About Selenium And PhantomJS Testing Frameworks?

Coming across with various testing frameworks, have it ever came into your mind that which testing framework is best for you to work with when it comes to testing various software applications?

Well, various JavaScript testing frameworks such as PhantomJS, Selenium and many others such advance testing frameworks that are going through a tough competition. But the question here arises that which testing framework will come out as a superior one?

“According to Carl J. Nagle, at the time of developing any advance level test strategies, every tester should aim for minimizing an overall modification impact caused in the applications and tools that are needed to be used for testing various software applications”

Let’s have a deep look over headless browser?

These are the browsers that are executed on command line interface basis and over various networking communications with the help of automated control of web pages in a web browser.

Now let’s move to the point about two testing frames without wasting much of our time.


Selenium testing framework is an advanced level open source automation testing tool with  JavaScript automated testing framework that enable all types of operating systems and browsers such as Mozilla, Safari, Firefox, and IE to support Selenium testing framework. Selenium testing tool supports numerous of advance level testing procedures with various programming languages used such as Java, C#, Ruby and Python programming languages.

PhantomJS is another highly advance and is extremely powerful testing application tool that works with various web standards to enable testers to perform their testing tasks by simultaneously working with JavaScript APIs. JavaScript APIs permit webpages to capture wide number of files and use them to achieve advance output.


Ultimate objective of PhantomJS

PhantomJS testing framework aims towards working on priority basis first. PhantomJS saves ample amount of time by detecting sign-in options that further helps in understanding bugs if any found before launching your application.

Selenium works as a specific JavaScript function as well as acts as a thorough browser detection process. Testers prefer working with Selenium framework because of its advance development as well as testing offering.

PhantomJS runs without any dependencies with command-line process. PhantomJS further works as GIT pre-commit development workflow hooking methods with various testing stages on the integration server.  CasperJS efficiently works with PhantomJS API tools, provided you have Node.js framework activated on your operating systems.  PhantomJS can be used with a combination of CasperJS, provided it has NodeJS framework installed in your application for executing a certain application.

Working with PhantomJS in combination of CasperJS

It can be of great advantage to work with CasperJS when you are using PhantomJS as it encourage testers  to execute wide number of application tests with  JavaScript enabled patterns. CasperJS offers a quick, light-weight and easy to work amenities with its set-up process. CaperJS is highly recommended by users because of its excessive open-source tools to perform great testing patterns by testers.

Scooping out more features on PhantomJS

Let me walk you with the greatest advantages of PhantomJS testing framework:

  • Headless website testing: Executes wide number of functional testing procedures with various advance frameworks such as  QUnit, Jasmine, Mocha, Capybara, WebDriver, etc.
  • Screen capture: Captures numerous of web contents such as Canvas and SVG HTML5 features and lets you develop a numerous number of website screenshots with an added advantage of thumbnail preview options.
  • Page automation: Works and manipulates every webpage efficiently with the help of advance frameworks and other standards like DOM API and a numerous number of advance library functions such as jQuery programming features.
  • Network monitoring: Initiates performance analysis process with the help of Jenkins and YSlow.   Monitors each and every webpage loading system and exports them well into HAR files.

Advantages of PhantomJS coding

Did it ever come to your mind while working with PhantomJS that what makes this testing framework extremely renowned among testers? No? Well, let me tell you why?

Development part can be an easy process but testing your software application after it is being developed is a tricky task, as it involves sound software testing schemes to avoid any errors in the project before finalizing it.

Here are few advantages of PhantomJS that will help you know better why it is termed as one of the most famous testing frameworks:

  1. Qt Web kit used by PhantomJS enables any browser to transform them into a real world appearance.
  2. PhantomJS application enables an easy application testing procedure.
  3. PhantomJS can be used on major operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other Unices.
  4. Totally suitable for continuous integration systems, PhantomJS runs on Amazon EC2, Heroku, and
  5. It is based on smoke testing layer, as PhantomJS runs as a command-line interpreter whether it is a part of development workflow or a part of continuous integration server. PhantomJS has such advance testing functionalities.


PhantomJS is one of the best known targeted browser that runs the tests in less amount of time. Because of its automation testing process, it encourage users to  take screen shots to keep a track on various application tests.PhantomJS that runs efficiently with CasperJS together offers a highly challenging functionalities with powerful as well as  well-established as Selenium testing framework.


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