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3 Reasons You Should Fine Tune Your Coding Skills

Okay, so you picked up a few coding skills in high school or college and you think you’re set, right? Maybe you are a full time developer and feel confident in the skills you have. You can’t stop there though! The digital world is not one of complacency and it changes fast! According to Research in Labor Economics, up to 30% of the information that was relevant just last year is now obsolete! Here are three reasons for you to stay on top of your game!

1. Continuing Your Education Is Easy And Accessible

No matter how you prefer to learn how to code, there is an easy and accessible option to meet your needs. You may consider a coding bootcamp to brush up on the latest skills or pursue online options that allow you to work at your own pace, it’s up to you. There are options to fit any schedule, learning style, and price range. In today’s globally connected environment, access and ease of use are simply not an excuse to let your coding skills get dusty!

2. Coding Is In High Demand

Did you know that an entry level position as a developer averages $64,000 a year? That’s because the need for people who can speak the language of code are in high demand!  The BLS is predicting a 17 percent increase in jobs for software developers by 2024, a rate they describe as much faster than average. In fact, a new report from Burning Glass found that as many as 7 million job openings in the last year required coding skills on some level! You never know what type of career opportunities may present themselves when your coding skills are up to date and ready to rumble. It may very well be the difference between that hot new promotion and staying stagnant in your current position for the next five years.

3. It’s Fun and Challenging

Whether you are pursuing a career in coding or simply dabble, coding is fun!  It’s a puzzle to be solved, a skyscraper to be built, a personal challenge to expand your mind.  You can even participate in contests on websites like Top Coder and Code Chef, to sharpen your skills and win cash and prizes.  Fred Brooks, back in 1975, gave us five reasons that programming is fun that I think are still applicable today:

  • The sheer joy of making things.
  • The pleasure of making things that are useful to other people.
  • The fascination of fashioning complex puzzle-like objects of interlocking moving parts.
  • The joy of always learning.
  • The delight of working in a tractable medium.

So, don’t let your coding skills get rusty and outdated. Take the initiative to stay in tune with the changes taking place all around you and don’t get left in the dust. Coding skills will open doors and provide opportunities and insight you may not get anywhere else. Don’t make an excuse to miss out.

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