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Lead Generation for B2B: 6 Tips and Strategies for 2019

A lead is not a simple potential client found at random. It is the one that is one step away from reaching you. All you need to do is get their attention, provide value and demonstrate that your service will solve their problems.

It is very essential for any good B2B marketing strategy to find a means of generating quality leads as well as establishing a strong channel that will ensure that you will maintain stable growth.

We have discovered that using a combination of inbound (inbound) and outbound (outbound) marketing is generally the best way to establish this channel – while outbound is a more immediate way to connect with your leads, your inbound can be used to establish your credibility, producing more qualified leads that help lift your business. Here we leave the most effective strategies to generate leads in B2B marketing.

#1: Content Marketing

This is a surprising option for companies that have interesting content to share: articles, videos, and much more. To make it work, you should investigate in depth to know what kind of language you should use; what content your customers would enjoy, who to listen to, etc.

Learn what your target group is and offer them high-quality content. This will give you a great search engine optimization (SEO) for your site. SEO is about increasing visits to your page in a not so focused way so that more potential leads can find your site through the search engines.

Search engines can be one of the best tools for marketing any business. If you are successful with SEO, you will quickly get new clients, essentially free. To win the SEO game, you should have a good content marketing strategy that offers information that your target audience can enjoy for the value it provides.

#2: Marketing in Social Networks

Social networks help you refine your lead generation process since it allows you to have a more precise approach. More than 60% of marketers have the belief that social networks like LinkedIn (especially using the new LinkedIn automation tools have proven to be effective lead generators. It gives brands and businesses a platform where they can interact with potential customers.

Also, advertising on social networks is very effective; especially nowadays it is very difficult to meet someone who does not have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. The ads placed on these sites are very concentrated to a specific market because one can choose the location, age, gender and interests among other things.

#3: PPC – Pay-Per-Click

SEO and content marketing, of course, do take time. PPC is one of the simplest ways to get fast results. It can be very effective and rewarding if you know very well what your target audience is. However, it can also be very expensive, depending on the industry you are in.

It is also important to remember that many people are using Adblock (or similar programs) today, so there is a possibility that they may not see banners or interactive ads. Or for reasons of GDPR, you can simply make the decision not to receive advertising in its entirety.

#4: Convert “Exhausted” into an Opportunity

When you run out of available products, you are losing customers. But fortunately, there is a way to turn this into an opportunity. Instead of displaying red text, as most stores do, add a form at the bottom of your “Out of print” text with the message.

Professional Tip: if you know when your product will be available, add a counter that counts down the expected time for your product to arrive again.

#5: Use the Sponsor’s Strategy to Build Your E-mail List

Which one sounds most attractive to you: “Register to receive news” or “Join our tribe of more than 2,500 marketers and marketers.”

I think you can recognize that the second phrase sounds much better. Basically, it is the same offer, but with an additional social proof.

The old sales phrases like “Register for our news” simply do not work anymore because the truth is that nobody reads the news anymore. They want personalized content for them. Very concise content that solves problems and specific that meets their interests and needs.

#6: Use Intent Slide-in Opt-ins or Popups in Key Pages

People love them or hate them. And even if you do not like it, pop-ups work. Especially try custom popups. But first, a few words of caution: your customers like to be shown where to go, they do not want to be blocked when trying to read your content.

There are sites that block the content to their clients until they click on the opt-in. There are so many sites that have more than one popup on their site, regardless of whether this is on purpose or accidental, this is not the way to get loyal customers.

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