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Today’s Best SEO Tactics for Beginners

The trends and tactics related to SEO or Search Engine Optimization changes as search engines change their algorithms. Crawlers are now much smarter than they used to a few years ago, which is why you need to employ these new SEO tactics in order to have a successful SEO campaign. Eager to get started? Let’s have a look at today’s best SEO tactics for beginners.


One Keyword to Rule Them All

Now is not the time to stuff as many keywords as possible into an article or a page. Crawlers will mark this type of pages – one with so many keywords added into them – as a spam and will most likely rank your site and the pages in question lower in search results. Search engines will even go as far as banning the site from its search results once it is marked as a spam.

Instead of adding so many keywords onto a page, you need to focus more on finding one main keyword that matches your content perfectly. This one keyword should be the centre of that page’s SEO efforts. You don’t even have to target generic keywords at all. Long-tail keywords that your users are searching for will be far more effective.

Once you found that one keyword to target, make sure it appears on key elements of the page. As experts from BlueHat Marketing suggests, the main keyword of a page should appear in the page title, the main H1 tags and the Meta description of the page. It should also appear at least once in the main or first paragraph of the article (particularly one that is taken as an excerpt for the article).

Keep keyword density at around 3% or lower. This is more than enough for search engines to rank your site. Instead of focusing on adding as many keywords as possible, you should focus on making the article – and the entire page – as readable as possible.

Variations and Alternatives

The main keyword of your page doesn’t have to appear as is throughout the article. When you target a keyword phrase such as “Canada local SEO services”, for example, you don’t have to enter it the way it is for search engine crawlers to pick it up. Variations of the keyword phrase will work as well.

A good example is the plural and singular versions of the phrase. “Canada local SEO service” and “Canada local SEO services” are considered the same keyword phrase. The same goes for variations of the phrase, such as “best local SEO services in Canada” and “Canada’s top local SEO company”.

By adding variations and alternatives of the keyword phrase to the article, you don’t have to work hard in making the actual content of the page as readable as possible. As mentioned before, your focus should be in making your readers or visitors happy with the information you are providing; search engine crawlers will take happy visitors (especially those who are spending a lot of time on your site) as a good factor to consider as well.

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