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Top 10 Simulation Games on Oculus Go

While the Oculus Go is fantastic for quick pick up and play style games. If you want something that has more substance and a lot of content that you can really sink your teeth into, that is what I have for you today. These are some of the best simulation style games that are currently on the Oculus Go!

1. World of Mazes – Episode 1 (Chapters 1 & 2)

World of Mazes is one of the best puzzle and maze games that you can play in VR. Developed and published by RiseAngle, World of Mazes has a story that is really going to grab you and for many people, this is one of the best games in general on the Oculus Go. You play as a super detective who needs to use all their detective skills in order to find a villain and put a stop to their evil operations! If you love a good story with your maze and puzzle games, World of Mazes is not going to disappoint.

2. Ultrawings

Here we have a game that is a ton of fun, but also one that poses quite the challenge. Ultrawings is an open world flight game and one that really showcases how great VR can be. You will have the opportunity to fly many different and cool kinds of aircraft which helps keep things interesting. You need to use your hands to control the aircraft as you undertake all kinds of different missions. While it is easy to pick up and play, Ultrawings is hard to master as it starts you off with easy missions, but the later ones are challenging, but super rewarding when you beat them!


Next up we have RUSH which is one of the most popular VR games of the moment. If you have always thought that the idea of a wingsuit was cool, but there was no way you would do it in real life. RUSH is the game for you. The sense of speed, height, and fear that this game gives you is fantastic. It has some really challenging sections and it is a game that is also very, very addictive.

4. Daedalus

Daedalus is one of the best platforming games that you can get on the Oculus Go. It actually has a really cool story where you play as Daedalus who has been imprisoned. Daedalus though can explore the maze in which he is imprisoned as he tries to make his escape. While this is a platform game, you really do have to think before you move in it as it is very challenging. If you love platform games, you really cannot go wrong with Daedalus.

5. Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding

This is a really cool game and perfect if you love being trapped in mazes and trying to figure your way out. There are over 20 mazes for you to explore and what is really cool is that the mazes have different themes. One maze will see you need to escape an icy cavern and then the next may have you in an evil looking desert. With plenty of puzzles and challenge. Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding is going to keep you busy for a long time.

6. Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

If you thought regular table tennis was cool, check out Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR. This is table tennis with robots. There are different competitions for you to play in and thanks to the very responsive control, each match you play feels like you are in complete control over everything you do. You can also play against other human players online which is even more fun. This is actually one of the best sports games on the Oculus Go and it would be great to see these guys make a full tennis sim one day.

7. Deer Hunter VR

Deer Hunter VR is one of those games that sounds like it would be shallow and easy. However, this is one of the most sim style shooting games on the Oculus Go. You can hunt all kinds of game. However, you will need to pick the right gun, check the wind, aim your shot and have nerves of steel when you pull that trigger. Deer Hunter VR is a blast (no pun intended) to play!

8. Overflight

Overflight is one of the coolest flight sims you can play in VR. World War II is over, but a skilled pilot like you is always going to be in demand. You agree to a risky job, but then discover you are actually transporting a packaged for Nazis! This game is awesome it is the perfect blend of sim and action and is going to be something that you have an awesome time with. Overflight also has a really cool and engaging story that keeps you playing and wanting to know more.

9. Pinball FX2 VR

By a mile, Pinball FX2 VR is the best pinball sim game you can play on the Oculus Go. The ball physics in this game are amazing and as it is in VR you can really appreciate the artwork and the little details of each table. While you can play a table for free, it is all the additional DLC that makes this so awesome. The Walking Dead, Marvel, Star Wars and many more franchises have fantastic VR pinball tables for you to play on. If you want an old school arcade feeling, Pinball FX2 VR is the game for you.

10. Gun Club 3 VR

The third installment in the Gun Club series is also the very best. Gun Club 3 VR is one of the most fun shooters you will ever play. To start with there are a ton of guns for you to use and collect. Best of all is the fact that Gun Club 3 VR offers some excellent gun customization options that let you add all kinds of cool attachments like rocket launches and scopes onto your weapons. With amazing graphics and very addictive gameplay, it is easy to see why Gun Club 3 VR is one of the most popular games on the Oculus Go.

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