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Pentesting Sites and Web Apps Using the Service

Any site or web application is a product with complex architecture. The richness of components will help make the site functional and beautiful, but the same moment can be used during a hacker attack: the more components, the higher the chances of finding errors and vulnerabilities in this array of information.

How Does Pentesting Help to Combat Vulnerabilities?

Web application security testing service helps to identify all critical points, find all vulnerabilities that a user may encounter, and all places that could cost a security breach. As a result of testing, all directories and potential vulnerabilities are checked. A detailed report is drawn up based on the audit results.

Here all errors and bugs found are divided into groups according to the degree of criticality, and each problem is supplied with a list of recommendations on how to fix it.

Web Apps Audit Step-by-Step

The audit of sites and web applications, like pentest iOS apps takes place in several stages.

  • Primary analysis, collecting information from open sources, building a tree of probable attacks.
  • Checking hosting, logs and other network infrastructure.
  • Checking the way of storing data from accounts, passwords, and logins, authorization mechanisms.
  • Auditing session management mechanisms, checking cookies, testing for CSRF vulnerabilities.
  • Checking the security of protocols, the method of processing client data, assessing the security level of the client part of the web app.
  • Application logic testing.

Before starting work, the client lists all the components that need to be checked. After that, a controlled attack of the platform begins, which makes it possible to check the architecture of the web service, network services, auxiliary software, operating systems, etc. The results obtained are recorded and analyzed.

At the last stage of work, all the discovered bugs, problems, and vulnerabilities that may affect further user interaction with the platform are carefully documented with a description of possible causes and a list of measures and changes that need to be carried out so that the entire system will work stably in the future.

Pentesting applications and sites is necessary in order not to distract the main group of developers to look for potential problems. Moreover, it may take a long time, and the main work for this period will be paused. In addition, the creators of the product themselves are not always able to look at it from the outside.

With the use of, the human factor is minimized, everything is automated, and therefore impartial and much faster than manual verification.

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