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What can I put on hot tub steps to prevent slipping?

Hot tubs are found in many spas and salons and are usually a selling point in hotels and resorts. Everyone loves hot tubs, and why shouldn’t they? Hot tubs allow you to sit in warm bubbling water with hydrotherapy jets heating the water as per your choice.

These tubs are therapeutic to lie in on a windy night and make for aesthetic pleasure as well. However, these hot tubs can be prone to accidents too. One of the many hazards linked to hot tubs in spas and resorts is slipping over the hot tub steps or falling into the hot tub, injuring yourself, and other people. To avoid these accidents, you must ensure the use of materials that are skid-free and are water absorbent. These materials, when used on hot tub steps, are effective in controlling the slipping and skidding near them.

Types Of Hot Tub Steps

You may find two kinds of hot tub steps in any spa, resort, or outdoor setting. Namely, external hot tub steps and internal/built-in steps. Depending upon the size and material of the hot tub, one can figure out which kind of hot tub steps it accompanies.

If the vessel is a large acrylic or fiberglass tub, curved from inside, it will generally have built-in steps. The placement of the steps in the tub is of different fashions. One such arrangement is integrating the hot tub steps behind the seating area. If the space between the seats is elevated, it can serve as inbuilt steps too.

In smaller wooden hot tubs, decks are placed outside the tub for the user to step onto before entering into the tub. Side steps are also used to declutter the area and provide proper climbing assistance for users. Railings are utilized with side steps on the open side to ensure safety. Similarly, railings may also be used on decks and other kinds of hot tub steps for safety measures as they provide adequate support.

How To Prevent Slipping On Hot Tub Steps

No matter the hot tub design, the one thing in common between both is the likelihood of slipping and falling. When people get in and out of the hot tub several times, the steps tend to get wet and slippery. One moment of negligence can lead to someone falling over into the tub and hurting themselves and others.

To avoid any such occurrences, you must install contrivances or materials that will help people stay safe when entering and exiting a hot tub. One of the best materials to use on hot tub steps to prevent slipping is rubber. Rubber not only avoids any skidding but also resists motion, helping you stay erect instead of toppling over due to water. Rubber is also water repellent and cancels out any frictional loss due to moisture by its individual property of resisting motion.

By using rubber on the steps as a type of speed breaker, the accidents due to slipping can go down in number tremendously. Inbuilt and external hot tub steps can both use rubber linings, as well as decks in wooden tubs.

Another great suggestion would be to use railings. As tedious as the task of putting up a side rail sounds, it can be a great addition to your hot tub’s accessories. A handrail will not only provide support against falling but can also be used as a guide inside the tub at night or in the dark. People can quickly steady themselves using these side rails, and they can hold on to them if they slip or skid on water. This addition may mean changing the design of your tub slightly, but that should not be much of a concern when it guarantees safety.

Another way to ensure skid-free entry and exit from a hot tub would be the installation of a grip tape on the deck or top of the steps. Grip tapes are normally found on skateboard decks. They have a rigid layer that works as the frictional force. When used with hot tubs, these can provide skid free climbing inside the tub. However, these do not have the best texture and can be annoying to some people due to how coarse it feels. Additionally, it may more than just a nuisance to someone with sensitive skin.

Non-slip adhesive strips can also be an option when considering non-skid ideas for bathtub steps. These strips are available in a roll and can be put on the steps, deck, or the base of a hot tub. They are easy to use and can last very long. So this option will not be very costly either. Adhesive strips are also conveniently available online.


There are a multitude of options available to anyone looking to make their hot tub steps skid-free and enjoyable. Hot tubs can indeed be home to many accidents when required safety measures are not put in place.

This is why it is vital to know what makes soaking and relaxing in a hot tub safer for you and to seek out a solution to the problem of slippery surfaces.

Hot tubs are an enjoyable experience that can turn ugly if you do not use appropriate methods to take care of hazards. For instance, an accident in the hot tub area can also mean a costly law-suit for a hotel.

Therefore it is essential to couple your hot tubs with the appropriate safety equipment as well to avoid any injuries or accidents. The techniques and materials listed above are not only suitable for any establishment that provides temporary paid lodgings but also for homeowners. Furthermore, they can also help reduce people’s anxiety about stepping into water as it is less accident-prone after installing the required safety measures.

Any material that promises a skid-free experience can be used on your hot tub steps, keeping in mind that they do not react with water. If they do, you are better off without them. Only pick the materials and options that you have researched thoroughly.

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