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New DJI Products: Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom + DJI’s Future IPO

DJI has unveiled its new drones, the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom. Successors of one of the most successful drone lines produced by the company in recent years: the Mavic. DJI claims these two new drones represent the beginning of a new “drone era” for the company and the market.

King of The Drone Market – The Future IPO

Before we discuss the new products, it’s important to dedicate a few lines to how DJI took over the drone market and what’s their plan for the future. In 2005, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology granted HK$18,000 ($2,300 dollars) to a young student and entrepreneur named Frank Wang to research and develop a drone. In 2006, one year later, Frank, founded Dà-Jiāng Innovations (DJI) in his dorm room in Shenzhen, China. The company’s first consumer ready-to-fly quadcopter was Phantom 1, quickly taking over the market of under $500 drones. From then, the company sky-rocketed, taking over every inch of the market and gradually increasing their annual profit.

DJI became synonym of consumer drones. Year after year, the company constantly put out new models that became instant hits. Youtubers use it (Casey Neistat), Hollywood actors use it (Will Smith), everyone wants to get their hands on DJI’s latest technology. What happens when your brand becomes widely popular and profitable on an on-growing niche? Yes, you guessed it, the company goes public. That’s what DJI plans on doing in a near future, according to Reuters. Frank Wang and his board of directors is looking to introduce the company to the stock market and is already in talks with investors. The premise is that DJI will be valued at $15 billion (two times more then what was valued 3 years ago) even before going public (IPO).

The Mavic Line

The Mavic line was first announced and released in 2016. In early-2018 it released the Mavic Air. This August, DJI announced the version “2”, an upgraded model of its widely popular predecessor. A smart move since Christmas will be here in a few months and people will surely want to get their hands on the new upgraded Mavic model. DJI Mavic Pro is one of the most lightweight and compact drones on DJI’s portfolio, only second to Spark. If the Phantom line were the cornerstone for DJI’s success, Mavic and Spark are going to do for DJI what iPhone did for Apple.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom – Upgrade Highlights

On 23rd of August DJI announced the newest and upgraded models to the Mavic line: 2 Pro and 2 Zoom. But what’s so great about them? Well, both include 10 obstacle avoidance sensors on all sides, something that will surely awe many enthusiasts since obstacle avoidance is one of the most sought latest consumer-UAV latest technologies. On top of this, both drones feature a staggering 31 minutes of maximum flight time. An amazing improvement considering Mavic Air and Pro’s flight time is 21 minutes and Phantom 4 is 28 minutes. In terms of new camera features Mavic 2 Zoom has a Dolly Zoom feature (an in-camera effect, e.g. used in a scene from the movie Jaws). Mavic Pro 2 features a Hyper Timelapse (hyperlapse). Both drones can record 4K video at 30 frames per second. 2 Pro’s camera has 20MP for photography and 2 Zoom 12MP.

In terms of speed, he body drag of the Mavic 2 is 19% less than that of the Mavic Pro when flying at full speed, allowing a top speed of 72 kph (44.74 mph). If like me you a big fan of long distance drones, Mavic 2 will amaze you. According to DJI official page, Mavic 2 has a maximum flight distance of 18km at a consistent 50kph (31 mph) in no-wind conditions. However, video feed transmission only goes as far as 8km (transmits 1080p video). As you can see, the upgrade from the “old” Mavic Pro is astonishing. It truly seems that DJI has entered a new era.

DJI’s New Era – What’s Your Opinion?

DJI is headed for a future focused on portable and camera drones while building a potential massive IPO. As many websites, such as buybestquadcopter.com have already mentioned many times throughout their top 10 lists, DJI is one of the most recognizable consumer-drones brands in the world. Currently, there’s no competitor in the market pulling the same level of profit and brand awareness. Frank Wang definitely played his cards well and is about to assure himself as the founder and CEO of one of Wall Street’s next big hits.

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