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Top uses for voice overs

The world is full of voice over talent, serving purposes that you may not be aware of. As a voice over, you lead a multi-faceted life, and can work on various projects as a result, some of which may surprise you.

Let’s go through some of them now.

Ad voice over

An advert voice over is maybe the most common type of voice over talent available. Whether it’s an audio ad, or a voice over for a video showcasing a product. This can be in the form of radio commercials, ads aired on TV, or social media.

Advertorial voice overs are usually very energetic, and are the most prevalent of the list.

Audio book narrator

Contrary to popular belief, not all audiobooks have the actual author reading the book. A lot of audiobook voice overs are simply hired to do the reading, because they have a great voice.

If you’re an author that doesn’t like the sound of your own voice, you could always hire a voice over that you feel fits the vibe you need.

Cartoon voice over

Cartoon voicing is among the top uses for voice overs in media. Typically with a more energetic and distinctive voice, cartoon voice overs are there to embody a character and leave an impression.

Cartoon voice overs are often versatile too, typically not sounding like their “real” voice, and deviating depending on the character they’re playing.

Corporate voice over

Corporate voice overs are key for company presentations, tutorials and hows to’s. Although commonly voiced by company CEOs or higher management, corporate voice overs can also be outsourced.

A corporate voice over typically has a more formal tone, and is more collected in their delivery, serving a corporate purpose.

Documentary narrator

What makes nature documentaries in the UK isn’t just the captivating scenery, but the epic voice over.

The David Attenboroughs of the world are truly a big part of the world of voice over, a place where many voice artists want to reach in their career.

E-learning voice over

E-learning videos are becoming more prevalent nowadays, essential for every company and training syllabus of the modern day.

With every great elearning course comes a great voice over. A good elearning narrator is engaging, slightly corporate yet informal, to keep the audience interested.

GPS voice over

Although many of them may seem robotic, many GPSs are voiced by people also. One example is the MR T GPS narration, which has gone viral for its uniqueness.

A less common use for a voice over, but definitely something not foreign to the most experienced of them.

Movie voice over

Not every movie has one, but there are an array of movies that have iconic voice overs. A movie voice over would be more suitable for an individual with a more unique, captivating voice than the average person.

This may vary depending on the type of movie, sometimes with even a main character doing the voicing.

Movie trailer voice over

Movie trailer voice overs are usually deep and intense, aimed at captivating an audience into seeing a movie.

Although less common for the more modern movie trailers, a good trailer voice over is instantly recognizable.

Online voice over

For the voices narrating more every day social media videos, or even a YouTube how to series, an online voice over is essentially a jack of all trades.

Online voice overs can be used for content creators that have a plethora of material, which they don’t feel to voice themselves. Say you have a recipe blog and want to have someone more engaging taking people through the videos, you can always hire a voice over for that.

Video game voice over

As with cartoon voice overs, video game characters should also have an engaging voice that represents the character. For games based on existing movies, typically the same character is used to voice the video game version.

Video game voice overs are essentially the same as voice overs for animation, in that they tend to be more ranged, some being more quirky than others.

Voicemail recording

Although these can typically be done with an automated voice over, for an extra humanised touch, a voice over can also do the job. A voicemail recording is key for greeting your potential clientele, guiding them through the user journey and getting them to the right department.

Sometimes to go the extra mile you’d find some companies hiring a celebrity for their voicemail recording, but usually a regular voice over can do the job just fine.

Many different types of voice over

Hopefully this post gave you some insight into the different types of voice over out there. If we missed anything on the list, feel free to leave a comment below!

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