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3 Effective Ways to Promote Your Law Firm on the Internet

When people are looking for a lawyer these days, they mostly use the internet to search online rather than opening a phone book, which quite franky, don’t exist anymore. This is why, as a law firm, it is important for you to learn how to make your law firm easier to find on the internet.

Having a strong presences on the internet is more than just having a well designed and responsive website. Your website won’t do your law firm any good if your potential clients can’t even find it on search engines. Or if people do find and visit your website, they may or may not convert to clients depending on your pages. In order to make sure every user that ends up on your site converts into a customer, you need to start promoting your law firm.

Here are 3 effective ways to promote your law firm on the internet.

Create a Strong Brand

According to Naqvi Injury Law, people who visit their website usually view the bio pages of the lawyers as well as the ‘about’ page. They do this because they are interested in hiring a lawyer, not your law firm. They want to see who is on your team before making the big decision.

For you as a law firm, it means that you must have bio pages of lawyer showcasing their personal brand so that they come across more than just another lawyer with a picture and generic text.

Make sure the bio pages are as engaging as possible for the user. List down personal work experience, credentials, licenses, professional photos, links to personal social media pages, and a clear call to action button encouraging people to get in touch.

Create Great Content

When they said content is king, they weren’t wrong. Without informative and engaging content, the potential clients will never stick to your website. But with good and informative content, people will not only find value from it, they will even start following you and hire you in the long run.

Try to have an active blog where you discuss various practice areas of law. You must educate your user about legal troubles if you want them to convert into customers.

Promote Yourself on Social Media

Having a social media presences these days is very important. Nearly 80% of Americans engage on social media which means that they are potential clients for you. Having a social media platform means that you can directly engage with your clients on messenger instead of having them call you.

Believe it or not, many law firms and businesses receive hundreds of Facebook messages on a daily basis. Whenever someone messages you on your page, they are your leads that can be converted. Have some professional deal with queries on social media and watch your clientage grow.

In order to survive in this competitive time, having a digital presence is that much important these days. Make best use of the internet and social media to expand your clientage.

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