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How to Easily Promote Yourself on Instagram

Instagram is by the most popular social media platform in the world today. With more than a billion subscribers, you can easily get your brand known to the world if you do the required things. There are more than 500 million users who log in every day to check up what’s trending just for entertainment purposes. It is these people that you should aim to entertain and promote your brand. You just need to identify who among Instagram users is your target audience and work towards growing a following. You can use an IG bot to monitor users’ behavior, but it’s pretty easy to point out who your audience should be based on the field of your specialization. Here are a few easy tricks that can help you promote yourself on this platform.

Identify Your Target Audience

Most users on Instagram are individuals aged between 18 and 29 years. About 70% of all Instagram users are below 35 years. About 35% of adults with an online presence use Instagram. Users below the age of 25 use their accounts for an average of 32 minutes every day. It is upon you to identify who you want to target and monitor their behavior online. You can have an audience that has a mix of older and younger people. You also need to know when they are online so that you can get the highest rate of engagement. With this knowledge, you can now start creating your content.

Post Quality Content

Now that you have your target audience mapped out, it is time to present your content to them. You will know whether or not you are making an impact based on the number of likes you get, as well as the comments you get on your posts. Make sure you create interesting and attractive posts to entice your audience not only to like them, but also share the same to expose you to an even wider audience. Try and post as regular as possible, and at the right time. Check your existing followers’ comments and suggestions. You get invaluable suggestions that can further help you with your quest to promote yourself. Also, make sure to respond to questions arising on your posts to keep your audience’s interest.

Use Videos

You can throw in a video or two every once in a while. Videos are more interactive than still images as the audience gets to connect more with what you do. Try and have a schedule where you create, edit and post a video after a particular duration of time. You create an expectation among your audience to always look forward to such. This ensures that your video is not lost in their feed as they always get alerted of your post when you upload giving you more engagement. Apart from the videos you create, edit and then post a finished piece, you can throw in some live videos once in a while. Live videos are normally pinned at the very top of your followers feed. It is a very good way of directly interacting with your fans and others. You can ask your followers to invite their friends to participate in such events.

Add Some Personality

Instagram is a rather personal platform. When promoting a brand, you need to personalize your page to let people feel like they are part of your activities. Involve them in conversations where you discuss everyday issues. If you make it too formal, people tend to get bored and you might not get as much engagement as you would like. Let your audience freely express itself as you respond to these contributions. People like it when they are involved in such and will definitely help you promote yourself.

Go Public

You cannot get much visibility if your account is set on private. Users get bored when they follow you and have to wait for your approval to see your posts. Most of them will simply unfollow you. If you are looking to promote yourself, then have your account set on public so that you can easily be found or seen on users’ feed as suggested accounts to follow. User a simple and easy username and a clear profile name. You should be consistent for individuals to identify with your account. Make it as easy as possible for people to find and interact with you.

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