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What CBEST Test Prep is All About! Let’s Find Out from PrepAway

The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) is the first and primary link to attain a credential as a teacher in California, USA. This examination is held to check the writing, reading and mathematics skills of a person and to determine whether they fit in the right to be qualified as a teacher. Passing in the CBEST test enables an individual to start their career as a professional educator in California. The content type that is to be encountered by individuals appearing for the test is mainly divided into three parts:

  • Reading
  • Writing, and
  • Mathematics.

An individual is given the option to appear for tests either in sections of one and two, or they can appear for all the three sections at the same time and in a single administration depending on their level of preparation and choice.

Popularity of CBEST

CBEST is popular among residents in California because they find it to be less difficult to crack. The preparation for this exam is relatively easier compared to other similar exams. People prefer to opt for CBEST because it is a convenient form in terms of preparation and provides a quick path to career success once cleared. The abundance and availability of the study materials along with practice courses makes it one of the favorites for the career aspirants.

Why Does an Individual Appear for CBEST?

There was a significant fall in the teaching occupation and new teacher recruitment in California in the year 2016. The hiring process is becoming stabilized day by day and in order to fulfill the gap and maintain a stable ratio of a student and teacher on a national average. The process of recruitment increased and the total recruitment need of teachers was of approximately 135,000. The void is being filled with proficient staffs with the process of hiring the people clearing the CBEST examination.

How to Pass CBEST Test?

In order to pass the CBEST test, an individual must clear all the three sections including writing, reading, and mathematics. The score ranges between 1 and 50 and is scaled between 20 and 80. The individuals passing the scale mark of 41 for each section and with a minimum of 123 in total for all the 3 sections qualify the test.

Details of CBEST

The test is conducted in options of PBT (Paper Based Test) and CBT (Computer Based Test).

  • The reading section has a total of 50 MCQs.
  • The mathematics section has a total of 50 MCQs.
  • The writing section consists of two essays.

All answers for the examination are to be given in English language, and there is a prohibition to the use of calculators during the examination. An individual can appear for the exam anytime throughout the year through prior appointments, excluding Sundays and other holidays. The appointments are finalized on a first come first serve basis due to limitations of seats. The examination lasts for a total of four hours which includes 15-minutes time of signing the tutorial and NDA.

Tips and Tricks to Clear CBEST

  • MCQs must be chosen for ease.
  • Translating the paper into English is a great advantage.
  • One must use scratch papers.
  • The fine print must be read.
  • One must write the passage in their words.
  • Supported and specific answers are likely and accepted.
  • Answers must be triangulated.
  • The essay must have an outline.
  • The essays must be proofread.

Personal Experience of Appearing for CBEST

CBEST tests must be clearly understood before appearing, the patterns, types, and format must be well acquainted with. The test emphasizes a person’s knowledge in the areas of writing, reading, and mathematics. CBEST emphasizes the skills that act as a base towards teaching. The main objective of the test is to understand a person’s key ability as a teacher and the core base of their education.

Usefulness of CBEST Brain Dumps

Brain Dumps are beneficial to all the aspirants as each module and sections are explained in a clear and understandable form. One can understand the content without any hassle, the only requirement while reading is patience.

Online-Based Resources for CBEST

The best online courses for CBEST preparation program are available at There is a nominal price charged for the preparation materials to be handed out to the aspirants.

Top 10 Books That Aid Is Cracking CBEST

  1. CBEST Test Preparation Study Questions 2018 and 2019 by Test Prep Books Teaching Test Preparation 2018.
  2. Cracking the CBEST, third edition by Princeton Review.
  3. CBEST Math Test Preparation 2018 and 2019 by Test Prep Books Math Prep Team.
  4. CBEST Test Preparation 2018 and 2019 by CBEST Exam Prep Team.
  5. Cliffs Notes CBEST, seventh edition by Jerry Bobrow.
  6. CBEST Math Practice Tests by Exam SAM.
  7. Barron’s CBEST by Kathryn Henkins and Stephen Reiss.
  8. CBEST Writing Study Guide by Exam SAM.
  9. CBEST by Kathryn Porter and Shannon Grey.
  10. CBEST by Learning Express Editors.


CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) is now evaluated by Evaluation Systems group of Pearson in case of its scoring rates, administration, and development as per the contract lend by CTC (The Commission on Teacher Credentialing). California Basic Educational Skills Test is mainly designed and conducted in order to test the abilities of an individual in terms of writing, reading, and mathematics related knowledge. On determining the skills based on the methodologies, the test certifies an individual with the permission to become a professional educator and get the job in any university, school, or institution.In any manner, the examination is not designed to analyse and measure the abilities that the individuals possess and the test does not enhance the individuals with the skills of teaching.

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