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Published on June 23rd, 2021 | by Sunit Nandi


How to Make Use of Explainer Videos For Your Brand

Video content marketing is becoming popular as one of the most effective marketing strategies for brands to promote their business and boost brand image. An explainer video production can serve both purposes with positive outcomes.

An explainer video is a popular video type that can help you attract, engage, and convert potential customers. As per statistics, nearly 77% prefer to watch explainer videos than reading a text. They are highly productive; however, they can generate more sales and improve your overall business if used properly.

Here are different ways you can use explainer videos to boost your brand image and engage more customers.

Five Ways to Use Explainer Videos for Your Brand

Attach It in Emails and Websites

Emails are one of the traditional methods to engage users and convert them into potential buyers. If you’re opting for email marketing to generate more leads for your business, then you should choose explainer videos as a part of your email marketing strategy.

Explainer videos placed as an attachment in emails help you boost the open rates by 53% and improve your brand awareness campaign.

Apart from it, try to add explainer videos on the home or landing page of your website. Placing explainer videos on the landing page converts 86% more leads for your business. Use videos to explain your product/services more engagingly and educationally. It will increase business productivity and improve your sales.

Sales Pitches

Inspiring customers to listen to you with old-fashioned sales pitches doesn’t work anymore. It’s important to engage users and provide them with helpful and engaging information. One of the best ways to do this is to prepare a creative, attractive, and informative sales pitch with explainer video production. It will help you grab your prospect’s attention quickly and let you present your idea in brief.

However, make sure the total length of the explainer video should not exceed more than 2 minutes since people tend to watch videos that are short and engaging.

Promote On Social Media Platforms

Another way you can use explainer videos is by uploading and sharing them on different social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Studies show that short explainer videos are shared 1200% more times by the users than long articles.

Most of your targeted audience is already there on social media, so grab this opportunity and catch their eyes using an excellent explainer video. Explainer videos can also improve your overall social media marketing strategy and drive some significant results.

Incorporate Videos in Blogs

Incorporating videos in blogs is one of the best ways to engage readers. Moreover, explainer videos in blogs revamp your overall content marketing and blogging strategy and encourage you to solve your reader’s queries.

Keep in mind; the more you solve your reader’s problems, the easier it will be to urge their interest in your brand.

Hot tip: Use explainer videos to outline a complicated topic. Streamline your explainer video and content objectives to add value to your content marketing and improve your brand visibility.

Use Videos to Help Existing Customers

Apart from attracting new customers, explainer videos can also be used to retain your existing customers. After all, existing customers are a vital part of your business. You can utilise explainer video production to make your existing customer feel more comfortable with your brand.

Prepare short and engaging videos to help them quickly understand complex concepts more easily.

So, you can see there are many different ways to use explainer videos for your brand. Explainer videos have the potential to convey your message to your targeted audience in the shortest way possible. Get more creative and think of your brand’s products/services USP while preparing videos.

Allow your customers to understand your product/services easily through the shortest explainer video and hit your business goals easily.

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