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Tips and Tricks to Extend Your iPhone Battery

One of the biggest concerns for any smart phone user is battery life, and iPhones are an incredibly popular smart phone that uses an extraordinary amount of battery power. Each time Apple releases a new iPhone, the updated device will offer a number of new features, but the battery power always seems to remain the same.

Having the most fun and being productive with an iPhone usually requires knowing how to extend battery life, and the following tips will help anyone extend the battery life of his or her iPhone:


1. Turn off 4G access

An iPhone can run on slower, older networks and doesn’t need to access 4G networks (or even slightly older 3G networks) for most basic functions. Accessing a 4G network sucks an extraordinary amount of battery life out of the phone. Turning off this access, at least temporarily, reduces battery depletion.

2. Reduce GPS use

Many apps utilize real-time GPS information to provide services, but in getting this information, an iPhone will tend to use a lot of battery power. It’s easy to slide the GPS setting into the “off” position when GPS readings aren’t required, and most apps don’t need GPS information anyway.

3. Restrict multimedia streaming

One of the most battery-intensive operations is streaming movies, videos, and games. Unless a user can plug an iPhone into a charger during such applications, it’s best to restrict streaming activity. Watching an hour-long video on YouTube will drain a battery from 100% to zero.

4. Shut off background apps

Even if an iPhone owner isn’t actively using a particular app, the program might be running in the background on the phone for various reasons (like auto-updates). By turning off non-essential apps, so they don’t run in the background, the battery life of the phone may increase dramatically.

5. Wake the phone less frequently

Each time a user checks something on the iPhone, basic services and apps rev up into “ready” mode and eat into battery life. Checking the phone once an hour for new emails or calls is a better idea than checking every 5 minutes.

6. Don’t check email

Email apps automatically check whether there’s new mail in a user’s account, and the device will update an iPhone user whenever there are new messages to read. This process eats battery power, so setting the phone to fetch new data less often will conserve the battery.

7. Use the auto-brightness setting

An iPhone has an option to allow the device to detect the ambient light in the area, after which the screen will illuminate. In the dark, the device will be bright, and in the light the device will become dimmer.

8. Reduce screen brightness

Beyond the auto-brightness option within the phone’s settings, it’s possible to manipulate manually the screen brightness. The screen brightness on a phone may be the battery’s biggest user, so turning it as low as possible is vital for reducing strain on the battery.

Although implementing every one of these techniques might make the phone a little less convenient at times, simply utilizing a few of the suggestions will usually extend battery life an appreciable amount.

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