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Six types of interactive content that will help your brand stand out!

Active engagement is what customers are demanding from businesses, and interactive content is how you can achieve it!

Interactive content ideas and tools have been here for a while, but recently they have grown more popular in the business line. If you haven’t used them yet, you need to add them to your content to improve your marketing campaigns.

Understanding interactive content

The type of content that makes it possible for the audience to actively engage is known as interactive content.

More than 85% of marketers strongly believe that interactive content helps them stand out.

Active engagement plays a crucial role in allowing your clients to go further by just skimming through the website or reading blog posts about your brand.

  • Your business can gain double the amount of conversions with interactive content.
  • It sets you on a different pedestal than other brands in the market.
  • Buyers are more excited about interactive content than the passive content available online already.

Importance of using interactive content for your business

  • Interactive content enables you to converse with the audience.
  • It automatically improves conversion rates and bring more sales to the business.
  • It becomes easier to stand out in the market with interactive content to promote your business.
  • You get another opportunity to use your passive content and turn it into something much more interesting to clients.
  • Interactive content can also be shared on social media and can thus reach a much larger audience.

Types of interactive content you must use

Now that we have understood a little bit more about interactive content and its importance, we need to know the type of content that sells. Let’s talk about some of the most popular and effective ways to add interactive content to your marketing campaigns :

  • Using interactive quizzes

You must have visited tons of websites which offer you to take a quiz so they can understand your requirements better. Quizzes are one of the most popular types of interactive content that has been used a lot.

Quizzes about random topics can get your audience’s attention quickly or quizzes can also enable you to learn more about their expectations from your business. Based on what you find the easiest, you can create any quizzes and it can become one of your hidden weapons to gain customers through content.

  • The use of livestreams

Interactive content doesn’t just have to be written content – Especially in the current digital world, live streaming has become wildly popular over social platforms. Thus, it’s one of the must use interactive content types that you need to utilize as well.

Live streams can be used to converse with your potential customers in real time and let them ask their queries over chats. It’s an easy way to get closer to your niche market and let them understand your brand from up close. It makes your brand more personalized and authentic in the eyes of your potential clients.

  • Calculators

This is another interactive content tool that you can see more and more of on various business websites. These tools exchange customer’s personal data for an instant analysis on certain topics. Some popular calculators being used are, mortgage calculator, tax calculator, etc.

Calculators are quicker than written content and give immediate results which the audience adores. Thus, they are insanely popular and need to be incorporated in case your business can help your potential audience calculate something that might benefit them. Calculators are the perfect way to drive traffic and improve engagement as you try to help out the clients.

  • Add image sliders to web pages

There is no denying that images are the type of visual content that quickly gains attention from website visitors. But just putting one image below the other could look rather boring and unattractive to site visitors.

Images sliders enable your audience to easily compare images and leave a solid impact on them as well. These are now being used more and more because of how much it improves the customer experience. If your website has a ton of images to display, image sliders can help you immensely to showcase them to potential customers in a cooler way.

  • Interactive games

What better way to stimulate interaction than allowing visitors to play games?

Developing customized games to be used as interactive content can be pretty expensive. But games can be an amazing way to boost interactions and get clients interested in your brand. They make the entire browsing experience amazing for clients and also promote your services along the way.

Games also make it easier for you to collect user data and also create a name for your business on social media. As the brand owner, you can discuss with your team about implementing a game that will drive attention towards your business.

  • Interactive videos

More than 80% marketers say that video content drives more traffic to their website.

Video content might be a little on the expensive side, but it’s something that never fails to drive genuine traffic towards the business. Videos are remembered for much longer by the audience and do a great job at expressing your brand with visual beauty.

If you want to try something out of the box, interactive videos can be the perfect thing for you. It’s something creative, entertaining, and a proven way to gain customer attention online. These can give the extra touch to your marketing efforts and take them to the next level if you create the best suitable video content for your business.


If you are thinking about the future of your brand, you will quickly realize that adding interactive content to your business marketing efforts is extremely essential. In this article, we talked about the meaning of interactive content and why it’s so necessary for every brand.

Other than that, we dived deeper into make interactive content types that you can use for your business. For any of your other queries, talk to our digital marketing experts who are ready to address your concerns and doubts!

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