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Meet Conn3x, a Job Exchange Based on the Power of Blockchain

Most people have heard the term Artificial Intelligence (AI), but some have a hard time describing what it really means. While there is no standard definition for this term, AI is a field of computing working to make computers think like humans, making them as intelligent as mankind.

This description may seem fictional, but the truth is that AI is already present in our everyday life. For example, the video games industry already uses this type of capability to create increasingly complex games. Other examples are cameras that focus automatically on people’s faces, spell checkers that learn from the mistakes of a user, and so on.

Another example of the reach that AI has is brought by Conn3x, a company harnessing the power of AI and blockchain to deliver a solution for smart job hunting and hiring. This company aims to become a leader in the job marketplace, using these technologies to optimize the search and payment processes.

Blockchain is another big techy word, which refers to a huge database-like and a peer-to-peer network where transaction logs are spread across thousands of computers. This makes the network safe and secure, because the transactions cannot be tampered with and each step of the way is logged.

By harnessing the power of AI, Conn3x developed a smart assistant, similar to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, which helps all parts involved in the job searching and recruitment process to, in an easier and more effective way, set up profiles and applications, look for vacancies, post job requests, and so on – all of this using, for example, just one’s voice.

Conn3x’s platform also has its own cryptocurrency, which is used to conduct business on it. Called C3X, it is currently valued at $0.20 and anyone can register for purchasing in Conn3x’s website.

The user database of Conn3x is based on the X11 algorithm and supports smart contracts, which is the feature that really allows the usage of the best features brought by blockchain technology. Conn3x’s platform searches various networks independently, ensuring more effective and accurate results, according to the preferences of each user.

Conn3x is really an excellent example of how distinct technologies really can be brought together in order to make a specific activity better – in this case, the entire job marketplace. With this in mind, take part in this wave and join the new capabilities that are offered by Conn3x.

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