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The Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Unarguably, Bitcoin is the largest, most popular cryptocurrency in the world, also the first cryptocurrency. There isn’t even any debate or question about this; it’s just an undebatable, undeniable fact. Bitcoin’s original price bump was in 2010, jumping from 0.0008 USD to 0.08 USD. After breaking the 1 USD mark around April 2011, it spiked all the way to 881 USD in Jan 2014. From there, it’s been long and bumpy rides to its current peak at 34,290 USD in May 2021.

Bitcoin is immensely popular, and it only makes natural sense that the people holding such high-stakes money would want to take part in an even more high-stakes action. While I personally do not recommend gambling, and specifically not with massive chunks of money, I can’t deny the natural allure that kind of risk has. There is something about it that people just can’t get enough of, and today I will be listing some of the most secure places to gamble with Bitcoin era login.


BitStarz is one of the most renowned and most often used cryptocurrency gambling websites. BitStarz has an immense reputation for being secure and discreet, and the total experience feels distinctly professional. Even in more professional circles, almost everyone has heard of BitStarz, or aptly nicknamed “The Las Vegas of Cryptocurrency” gambling. It also uses “provably fair” cryptographic methods to encrypt the outcomes so that neither party is privy to it beforehand. However, BitStarz doesn’t feature quite as many consumer-facing free-seeming options or services like free spins and 100% deposit bonuses, but they also have 2800 games, making it one of the biggest Bitcoin gambling services online.

Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack is another reputable online cryptocurrency casino. They are more transparent about their background, so take that as you will. Apart from that, Fortune Jack is about the same as BitStarz, just somewhat less popular. Fortune Jack also does not have as many games or the “free” options that BitStarz does, leaving it even more below the charts.


This one might seem little hard to justify putting on the list since it doesn’t cater to the USA, the UK, and dozens of European countries. But, it is one of the oldest ones, and it has tons of exciting and innovative features that the scope of this article is too short to go into fully. CloudBet also heavily advertises its policy of offering better odds than most fiat casinos, and it has an entire “disintermediation” process, making it transparent and fair with the games they offer.


BetChain – for whatever reason – seems to have an impressively loyal user base. While I don’t know lot of BetChain users, the few that use it regularly swear by it. This, however, felt somewhat strange to me, considering there doesn’t seem to be anything remarkably different about the site. What I will say, however, is that this appears to be the only one out of the bunch that really advertises its fully-featured VIP club, which might have contributed to regular gamblers.

Of course, none of this is financial advice, and this article only represents the limited knowledge and opinion of the author. This is just our list based on anecdotes, research, and personal experience. And I hope you found it informative.

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