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Top Apps to Download YouTube Videos for Free

We have always wished to download our favorite video that we watch in the YouTube application. But guess what? This wish was never fulfilled. Don’t worry, this wish will be fulfilled now. Of course, you might have surely heard or would have surely come across various apps that claim to download the YouTube videos for free as well. But yet confused, which app to use? Don’t worry, here we have got some of the best free apps to download YouTube videos for free.

Top apps to download YouTube videos for free

You can simply use the below mentioned apps to download all the YouTube videos for free. Yes, of course, these are apps are free and are very easy to use as well. Check them out before going to search for the best applications to download YouTube videos.


TubeMate is the most popular free app that has always been very helpful for the video lovers of YouTube. TubeMate is certainly a third party app that can be used and downloaded only on the Android devices. It is quite simple to download and install. You can also download these videos from various websites that share and support the videos. This free downloading app also has an in-built feature that helps you to download and access various websites and the applications to download the videos. You can simply download this app today and make use of it.


Vidmateapp is another popular and one of the preferred app within the internet. You can simply download the app from 9apps store with your Android device or over your smartphone. Yes, this app is actually made for the Android users only, in order to download the videos. It has various features which include various categories within a single menu. You can simply browse or check out through various categories such as shows, dramas, music and of course movies as well. Download VidMate for free from


It is another widely preferred app all across the internet. Videoder has recently become quite famous and of course, it is quite very powerful as well. It doesn’t demand too much of space or the storage within your Android device or the smartphone. With the help of this app, you can simply download videos from various other sites and apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and what not! When you click to download, you will be asked to choose the format as well. Also, the HD quality or the video quality can also be chosen for the particular video that you want to download.


Airy is a utility that makes it easy to download otherwise inaccessible YouTube content. After logging into your account, copy and paste a URL from the YouTube website, select the desired format and resolution, click Download, then choose where the file should be saved. Airy takes care of the rest.


It is also considered to be one of the best applications in order to download YouTube videos on your Android device. This amazing application is having simple user-interface that allows the users to download videos in a simple manner. As per your convenience, you can choose the respective resolution of the video and download it. By downloading the videos, you can also share on social networking applications that whenever you want. Once the downloading process of videos is done, then it automatically saves the videos to your device.

YouTube Downloader

Last but not least! YouTube Downloader is one of the most preferred apps, all around the internet. It is actually an all-in-one app, using which you wouldn’t have to download or use any other app. The name itself declares every detail about the app, rest you download the app and explore its other great features. Don’t worry the app is pretty reliable.


The above-listed apps are the best apps to download YouTube videos for free. You surely don’t have to be a techie, in order to use and install these apps. So get those videos now and save on your internet bills.

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