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5 Programming Languages to Consider When Designing a Business App

Around 42% of small companies in the UK and the US own a client-oriented business app. Over 20% of those who haven’t got one say they are planning to create one, which means that many companies are already entering the app industry.

If you’re thinking about keeping the step with your competitors, it’s clear that you must develop one for your company. Not only you’ll stay competitive, but the benefits of having a business app are money. Customer retention, brand awareness, raising marketing and communication channel options, and raising profits are all benefits of owning an app.

Before blindly searching for custom app development services on the internet, you need to know which kind of app developer you need. It’s best to hire a team of people or a development company that will know how to put all your wishes, needs, and ideas into practice.

In this article, we’re talking more about how to choose the right app development service and show you what’s vital for making this work. Follow up if you want to learn more about what makes a great business app and the best programming languages for developing business apps.

What’s important to focus on when developing a business app?

The first thing to understand is that business apps are different from most of your apps right now on your smartphone. The average user has around 80 apps installed on their smartphone but only uses about 9 of them daily, up to 30 per month.

Most of these apps are social networks, search engines, and games. Some business giants, like Netflix, HBO, Uber, and others, may enter the list of the most commonly used apps, but in general, as a business, you can’t expect people to use your app daily.

With this in mind, you need to focus on particular features when building your app. You’ll want to build an app that is used on multiple platforms, has payment integration, provides perfect communication with your clients, has impeccable design, will be connected to other companies’ assets, etc.

Based on these points, you should find the perfect programming language for the job. These programming languages have their pros and cons without exception, so you should make the right choice. Here are the best five programming languages for developing a business app:

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the best and most popular programming languages for business and other types of apps. Its versatility in providing outstanding features makes it highly popular among developers and users.

JavaScript is platform-independent and easily “reads” the user’s browser and operative system. It also provides excellent control, generates HTML data, and is generally a fully-functional programming language for apps, providing many features that businesses can benefit from.

2. Flutter

If you’re looking for top-notch cross-platform development solutions, Flutter is your perfect choice. This programming language provides the uniqueness of your app throughout different platforms. It was built in 2017, and since then, millions of developers have been using it for their projects.

You need your app to be the same across all platforms as a business. Android and iOS users need to see the same logo and features and receive the same user experience. If you manage to do this, you’re raising brand awareness and recognition.

3. Python

Python is on top of the list of most popular programming languages lately. It is extremely easy to learn, and there’s a vast database of functions that developers can use to create nearly anything you want as an investor. Moreover, the massive community of Python lovers will always come to help when there’s an issue with the backend of your code.

Because of these features, developing with Python is seamless, fast, and productive. Developers return the finished product in the shortest time possible, and they charge reasonable amounts because they didn’t put too much effort into developing an amazing app.

4. Dart

Dart is a programming language developed by Google, so you know it’s great. This one is a client-oriented, C-style syntax language. The final product is a fast-running app on various smartphone platforms and the web.

Some like to call Dart the substitute for the older JavaScript because it has the same features but is a new and more flexible language. It is also open-source, so anyone who wishes to learn it can do it for free. That makes a vast base of developers skilled in Dart.

Some of the other features that make Dart special are that it is platform-independent, object-oriented, has extensive libraries to use from, has a flexible compilation, is easy to learn, and has high concurrency.

5. React Native

React Native communicates with JavaScript perfectly and allows developers to cross-use these programming languages together. React Native is also excellent for cross-platform development, and being built a few years before Flutter, it has a slightly bigger community always ready to help.

Another amazing feature of Native React is code reusing. Large chunks of code can be copied and reused on other projects, making this language so simple for developing apps. That leaves a chance for developers to fast and easily build nearly anything you’d want as an investor since most of the code is already written somewhere else.


If you’re thinking about developing a business app, you need to learn a few things about the process. In a few points above, we explained what business app development looks like and what you need to focus on primarily. As you can see, there are many things to learn about before you proceed to actually developing one.

We highlighted the essential features you need to mind when developing a business app, and we described some of the most commonly used programming languages for it. If you read carefully, you know what to focus on, and after thinking about what you need the most from your app, you can choose the right programming language. If you do it right, your business will see significant growth in the future.

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