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See the inside of a Phantom 4 drone [Infographic]

As drones become more popular and as its use cases expand we wanted to show the world what is inside of one of DJI’s most popular drones. The infographic below is made from documenting each of the individual components and then arranging them into an easily to see exploded view image. The three different angles of the drone give viewers a better understanding of how the internals of the drone fit together. With greater understanding of how all the components work together we hope that the world of drones becomes more approachable to people. Over the years of seeing these drones get repaired it has been interesting to see how the internals of the Phantom drones has changed. Previous versions such as the Phantom 3 had its ESCs on the flight mounted on the flight controller in the main body of the drone. In the Phantom 2 the ESCs were in the arms of the drone. Now in the Phantom 4 the ESCs are separated into two boards one on each side of the battery compartment controlling the motors on the right and left side. This design makes it much easier to replace the ESCs if something goes wrong.

Across drone platforms the same components are used just in different sizes. In racing quadcopters they have flight controllers and ESCs just like the phantom drones however they are smaller and tuned specifically for that type of platform. This is why we found this infographic so important since the information is applicable to drones in general. See how all the drone components works by reading the drone glossary below!

Infographic credits: Dronefly

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