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Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S9 will be unveiled at the MWC in February, 2018

Samsung might now be on pins and needles. Since the latest from Apple, the iPhone X which debuted in 2017 September had already dominated and captivated all the smartphone attention, Samsung is now feeling anxious enough about its next launch. Call it Face ID, the notch or the Animoji, the iPhone X has it all. Nevertheless, Samsung, which is a bigger seller of smartphones over the globe is said to have no dearth of the coolest and smartest new features on its next flagship which is called the Galaxy, S9.

Samsung’s mobile boss, DJ Koh has confirmed the information that Samsung is all set to introduce its next flagship phone, no not at the CES but this time at the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona in February. The report also said that Koh had announced during the CES trade show that the new phone might not be called Galaxy S9 but more information on this is yet to be received.

Is the S9 going to be a successor of S8?

Most probably, 2 new flagship phones, the Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus are going to arrive in this February, 2018 and they are touted to be the worthy successor s of the S8 and S8 Plus which were introduced at an event held by Samsung in New York last year March. These two smartphones were pretty good to make people forget about the disaster that was caused by the Galaxy Note 7.

Are there any rumors about the S9?

Well, as per Samsung News and all other rumors, the Galaxy S9 will feature a wide range of vintage features (it will have a jack for headphones) to bleeding-edge (it can be folded). All that we came to know on Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon 845 processor will probably power the S9. There are rumors of few noteworthy camera advancements and better technology with regards to privacy and security.

Due to the fact the iPhone 8 and iPhone X dominated the smartphone market throughout the entire Christmas and New Year season, Samsung always waited eagerly to introduce their new flagship phone in 2018. After the debacle that they faced with their Note 7, they were bound to call it off twice during 2016 due to frequent instances of exploding batteries.

Will it get a new name apart from S9?

The iPhone X was given that name due to honor of the company’s 10th anniversary and this opened up too many opportunities for Samsung. In case the company abides by the sequence of their own naming rules, there will be risks of creating an apparent inferiority complex among the customers. As per what Forbes reports, Samsung might follow the suit by naming it Galaxy X.

With all the camera updates and privacy upgradations that Samsung is planning to offer in Samsung Galaxy S9, the price will definitely push up higher. Keep having a close watch on the rumors and news on S9 which is going to debut on February, 2018.

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