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The Best Business Books to Read On Your Lunch Break [Infographic]

Bill Gates and successful entrepreneurs like hime read 50 or more books on average a year. How much do you read? If you’re like most Americans, you probably read around four or five max. So are simply not reading, or just reading the wrong material? Some like young adult books while others like to read fiction and thrillers.

The fact is, we consume lots of content on a daily basis. From social media posts to emails and texts, we feed our minds lots of information. The problem is that we aren’t selective enough about what we take in.

People like Bill Gates only read material that will improve them in some way. Just so you’re aware, this usually excludes fiction. So, what exactly are these successful individuals reading? Many of them invest their time in business books or self-help books related to their industry.

This type of literature sharpens what you already know and teaches you about things you would never learn about otherwise. The problem for most Americans is time. We claim we don’t have the time to devote to books, but that’s also a myth. If you’re working a typical eight-hour day, finding the time to read is a matter of taking advantage the gaps in your day.

Hence, lunch breaks. You probably spend your lunch break socializing (and that’s ok), but try to use some of those breaks for something more productive, like reading a book. Another issue, though, is selecting something to read. There are so many book out there, choosing one can become an issue as well. However, there are now online apps that help you find a book to read based on your topic of interest.

From books that push your creative limits as an innovator to securing a loan for your business, there’s lots to choose from. To make the process easier, Fundera compiled the 18 best business books you should read on your lunch break:

Infographic credits: Fundera

18 Business Books You Can Finish On Your Lunch Break

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