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Top 5 Types of Adult Toys For Men in 2020

A few years back, when you would go to an adult toy website, you would usually see a whole bunch of female vibrators, dildo’s and devices that look so weird that you aren’t even sure where they can possibly go. There is more here on that. But the male section was usually quite small, it may have been just been one small category on the side of the page with a couple of basic silicone vaginas and some cock rings (but let’s face it, those are more for the girls too!). Back then male sex toys were not discussed very often and it was almost a taboo for men to use devices to help them masturbate.

Thankfully those days are long gone and now, in 2020, we as a society have embraced men’s masturbation needs and are much more open and accepting of sex toys to enhance a man’s pleasure. Now if you go to an adult toy website (or a sex shop, however you prefer to do your shopping), there is a clear section for men and a wide range of toy categories, from pocket vaginas and realistic butts to prostate massagers to penis extenders from and even hands-free masturbators that you can sync with your favorite VR Porn videos.

To summarise, the variety has increased so much that many men are actually intimidated by all the choices – where do you even begin? Not to worry, we’re going to break down a few categories to help you decide!

Basic male strokers – for the absolute beginners

Male masturbators like strokers are a great sex toy for men who are just starting out with toys. They are super easy to use, the basic versions are really cheap, they are easy to clean and have an amazing texture that is sure to provide great stimulation.

Strokers come in all shapes and sizes and the canal inside is lined with ridges and bumps for increased stimulation. Some strokers are even reversible, so you can enjoy 2 different kinds of textures in one and some are made to look like vaginas, butts or mouths to make it look more realistic.

These toys are manual, so you have to move them yourself, but they provide a sensation that you couldn’t possibly get with just your hands alone.

Automatic strokers – for men who like things to be unpredictable

The next level of strokers may look a bit more intimidating and they can be fiddly at the start, but they are so worth it! You basically put your cock inside the device and it does the job for you! Many devices can be pre-programmed with your favourite settings and then you just lie back and enjoy.

A highly recommended automatic device is the Autoblow A. I. – it mimics a blowjob perfectly and even learns what you like and don’t like thanks to its highly advanced tech!

Interactive fleshlights – for the total pro’s

If you’ve been there and done it all and are looking for something new to add to your collection, how about a stroker that actually syncs with your VR porn and mimics the movements that are happening on the screen? That’s right, if you’re watching a movie where the girl is sucking you off nice and slowl, the interactive machine will stroke your cock slowly, if she speeds up, the machine speeds up. It’s like magic!

We all know how amazingly real virtual reality feels right? The only thing that was missing was the physical stimulation, and with VR sex toys that gap has been filled!

These devices are not the cheapest out there, but if you’re going to go that route you may as well go for a good brand. Most VR porn fans recommend Kiiro for its realistic feel and variety of functions. For those interested in male chastity devices and BDSM accessories for more realisticness, don’t forget to visit to explore their wide selection of products.

Prostate massagers – for the open-minded

Men – it’s time to stop being afraid of your butts! There’s a heap of pleasure to be found down that particular rabbit hole if you were only willing to experiment. The prostate (or what’s often called the male g-spot or the p-spot) wouldn’t be found there if it weren’t meant to be played with.

Most people with a penis move on to prostate sex toys once they’ve discovered the area with their fingers first and want to try something new to increase the pleasure even more.

The massagers come in various sizes, so if you’re new to this you can find one that looks the least intimidating. They basically look like a butt plug that has a vibration function that you can turn on and off. Some also feature an external stimulator to give extra attention to the perineum, the sensitive area between the anus and the scrotum.

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