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What B2B services online businesses use?

In the business world, one will come across a lot of phrases such as ‘B2B’, ‘B2C ‘are very common. Basically, these are two terms that speak which customer you are selling your product. However, in this article, you will be discussed about B2B business in detail and how the services are used to promote an online business.

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What does B2B mean?

B2B stands for ‘Business to Business’ where it is referred to the business which sales goods and service. In b2b, there is no question of consumers as the company has to deal with other business.

Now, there are different types of B2B business in online business, and in the below section, we are going to discuss it in detail.

Product-based business

The product-based B2B business is a type of business where the concept of physical goods comes into play. Rather the products which you can hold in your hand. One of the best examples of product-based companies is the office supply store.

Most of the people might think that product-based business is all about selling products to corporations or office job, but it is wrong. There are many restaurant vendors and hotel supply companies that can be put into this category.

As compared to other forms of the business, product based B2B boast with high overhead costs than any other company in the segment. This is because you have to deal with physical goods. Some of the factors like manufacturing, storage of the product and shipping come into play. All this might lead to loss of revenue too.

Service-based B2B business

The second form of B2B business is service-based B2B business. There are numerous businesses that falls under this category. Examples of this type of business are call answering services, graphic designers, office security lawyers etc.

Unlike the above-mentioned b2b business, the Service-based B2B business can ideally exist online, which is organized with a brick and mortar store to determine the type of services you would be selling.

As compared to product-based business service-based business suffers from low overhead. It is evident that some of the software are very expensive to go with, but the overhead is typically low then the product-based business. For example, you can take the scenery of social media marketer who is equipped with various types of the tool such as social media management software, all content creation tools to run his business successfully.

Software B2B business

The third form of B2B business is software-based B2B business. This is the form of b2b businesses which involves a subscription to software that caters to the needs of some of the business.

Some examples of software B2B business are invoicing software; social media contest software and CRM software.

In other words, to deal with software bases b2b business, you must be technically advanced. Some of the online types of equipment that worth your attention are site tools, a mobile application that must be your key priority to be in the top in the game. Instead, you focus on staying up to date with the growing trends that you might find challenging at times.


It is necessary to mention here that B2B business has always held strong potential from the very past. However, with the advancement of technology, many companies are coming up, such as freelancer, B2B business and many more than before. Which means there are more topics of b2b marketing that are coming up designed for specialized products. For example, even think of invoicing software which is specially designed for small business ventures or freelancers.

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