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How Dan Goman and Team Are Disrupting The M&E Industry

The media and entertainment industry (M&E) can be considered one of the most dynamic industries. Only in the past decade, we have seen a major shift in the way we consume the content all thanks to technological developments. With fast broadband connections and mobile devices, users are able to find and consume content at their convenience. In order to be able to keep up with the increasing user demands, people like Dan Goman and his team are finding new ways to deliver content to consumers better than ever before with their cloud-native platform.

How It All Started For Dan Goman

Dan Goman and his team entered the M&E industry on the content side of the business. They were creating content, building applications, launching channels and OTT streaming platforms. Through their beginnings, they walked the walk of content creation and distribution and came across all the issues associated with the two. The entire experience of being content producers who wanted to deliver their content faster, better, and cheaper led to the company changing to an entertainment technology company in 2016.

The Pain Points They Aim To Solve

As OTT services began gaining primacy, content creators started looking for ways to manage and deliver their content more efficiently. This new way of handling content required a major shift to innovative technologies such as the Cloud and using cloud-based software tools for doing so.

Issues with on-prem servers

The first hurdles Dan Goman and his company managed to clear were the downsides of using on-premises servers for content management:

  • Regular software updates;
  • Expensive hardware upgrades which are due every 3-5 years;
  • Security which in this case needs to be done by in-house teams;
  • Maintenance and optimization to be able to work with peak workloads and streamline workflow;
  • Quality control.

Each of these steps requires extensive manual effort resulting in high costs and less efficiency for companies that essentially need enhanced content distribution.

Joining the Cloud and IMF forces

The secret behind Dan Goman’s disruptive digital supply chain software is in the incorporation of the Interoperable Master Format – IMF, into the Cloud. What this media management service enables users to actually do is store, process, scale, deliver, and monetize content of any type and size with reduced processing time and storage.

How is that possible?

Let’s begin with the advantages of having databases and media libraries in the Cloud. Content is stored in the public cloud platforms that are maintained and secured by third-party operators that guarantee unlimited storage, and maximum availability and security of your content in the cloud. By leveraging this type of service, all previously mentioned issues with on-prem servers are successfully addressed saving the company time, manpower and expenses needed for all those operations. Plus, the optimized pricing system this cloud-native solution comes with offers its users the chance to size the storage up or down and in that way pay only for the services they need.

More importantly, the ability to process content faster is brought by the IMF that is ideal for fast creation of different content versions. All files that belong to a title including the video, audio, metadata, and subtitles are packed as one master file. All of these individual components can be changed thus enabling faster localization of content and creation of new title versions that comply with the target market’s standards. With the momentum gained from fast content processing, its delivery and time-to-market are reduced resulting in faster video monetization.


With Dan Goman’s disruptive media supply chain tool, companies in the media supply chain industry manage the entire content cycle from content storage to monetization more efficiently in terms of time, quality, and costs. Through the example of Dan and his powerhouse platform for media management, we can see how experience, knowledge, and new technologies can be used together to achieve breakthroughs in entire industries.

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