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Published on September 23rd, 2020 | by Sumit Bhowal


Content Marketing Tips for Startups

Establishing one’s startup and working on content marketing can appear to be a daunting task for you. It encompasses a whole range of skills and techniques starting from the creation of unique content to make your blog posts more engaging by using videos, infographics and other relevant tools to attracting more audience by spreading awareness across the digital platforms.


Content marketing is all about building strategies that emphasise upon creating and disseminating worthy and marketable content to captivate the target audience and extract a good profit from the customary action. Content marketing requires a large amount of scrutiny but you need not strain your brain. We are here to introduce some wonderful content marketing tips that may come in handy for you if you are also working to make your startup a big success. Prable can help you to great extent if you want your site rank at the top. The top 6 content marketing tips for boosting the success of your startup company are discussed below. So let’s begin!!

1. Determine your target audience

Without knowing the target, your journey of hard work in the digital world will not be fruitful. It is quintessential to focus on the engagement and conversions in which the former refers to the number of users who have actively interacted with your posted content and the latter means number of users who were persuaded to convert based on your content.

Building a buyer persona (how does your ideal customer look like) is an effective strategy to define your audience. To accomplish this task, you may organise interview sessions with your present customers to gain an insight into their interests that bring them to your company. You can also keep an eye on your competitors’ actions. Furthermore, another alternative is to use Google Analytics which tells you what is going good for you so that you can scale up those factors to boost your startup performance.

2. Create engaging content for your website/blog

What is the use to dwell into content marketing when your content doesn’t seem to be engaging and unique to the viewers? Therefore, it is essential to invest a great deal in your content creation and make sure that your content must reflect your brand. Keep the target audience in your mind and write the content from the reader’s point of view.

Guest posting is a good way to create backlinks for your website and adds on the expertise to your content. Utilising multiple languages can be proving to be advantageous if your content is optimized in the language preferred by your target audience. However, if you find it difficult to work on creating content, then you may hire a content writing agency that may assist you in producing desirable content for your startup.

3. SEO ranking for your content


Creating content that ranks higher on SEO is utmost important to run a successful business on a digital platform. You can refer to the useful tools such as Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush for identifying the relevant keywords that are trending in your niche and pick out the keywords that may assist you in ranking your brand on the first page of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and others.

Post keyword research, you must do some brainstorming to get out of the box ideas for your page. Writing about interesting topics will attract your audience to towards your website. Additionally, it is recommended to write long posts for up to 2000 words, avoid keyword stuffing and use keywords wherever relevant and necessary, enhance your page speed and supplement your content by adding high-quality visuals and infographics.

4. Building a publishing calendar

If you are running a startup you need to publish your novel content across multiple digital platforms to spread awareness regarding your brand. Hence, to keep up with your content production throughout the year in an organised fashion, it is wiser to create a content calendar to follow up with the regular posting of content. It may further help you in scheduling the publishing of your content and how you want your content to reach out to the target audience. Make sure that your content planner has no gaps as consistency is the key in the initial stages of content marketing.

5. Extend your reach through social media platforms

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are one of the most powerful platforms where one’s presence can make a huge difference in extending the reach to the target audience.

Also, once you have lots of well-designed posts for your blog or website in your bucket, you can take that out and reconstruct the content into engaging social media posts. Hence, you may build up your audience in a speedy manner as you can customise the posts as per different social media platform as well as a different range of customers.

However, social media management may take a lot of your time hence; you may invest in some social media management tools that may assist you with the right content and appropriate audience.

6. Maintain Public Relations

Unless you are a billionaire, you would work with budgets as you would not like to spend your hard-earned money on establishing public relations. It calls on to adopt a more creative approach and jump on to influencer marketing. You can collaborate with big personalities of your field as well as local influencers to talk about your brand or services. Therefore, establishing healthy and mutually benefitting relationships with such influencers may give a big boost to your startup.


The bottom line is that content marketing is going to remain trendy for enhancing the public engagement on the digital platforms and hence, it is a great way to get your startup growing. Create appealing content for your potential target audience to enhance the reputation of your startup. All the best to all of you, the budding entrepreneurs!!

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