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Get Your Car’s Roadworthy Certificate Today to Drive with Utmost Pleasure

Whenever people plan to buy a brand new car, they generally think about the color, make and model of their dream car. Buying a new or used car is nowadays easy as it can be yours if you are ready with the money and a few test drives. Well, these are not everything. You also have to consider about roadworthy certificate prior to buying a vehicle.

In modern times, government has implemented many rules and regulations to make this certificate compulsory for the car owners. Fines will be implemented if you are driving a car without a legitimate inspection certificate. Therefore, this valid certificate represents the road worthiness of your vehicle.


Benefits of Having Certification of Roadworthiness:

If you are buying a used car and not getting the certificate easily, it may indicate that the seller is hiding something. Perhaps, the car may have some defects which are not easy to notice. It should be noted that obtaining this certificate is easy and simple. It does not take any long procedure to accomplish the task as it is handled by licensed mechanics.

The car owners should apply for certification of roadworthiness when their car is taken for thorough inspections. If your car is in top condition, the certification will be processed on the very same day. This certificate proves that your car is ready for safe driving as it complies with the road regulations. It is even required to register your vehicle. Some other benefits of getting a roadworthy certificate are –

  • Safe and Sound Driving: This certificate ensures that your vehicle is without defects, safe and roadworthy. Safety should be your first priority while driving your car. This certificate actually makes your car safe to drive. To check if your car is ready to be driven on the road, the qualified mechanic technicians conduct many vehicle inspections. So, this certificate will give you the scope for safe and sound driving.
  • Vehicle Registration: You must know that an unregistered vehicle is not allowed to be taken out to hit the road. You must also keep in mind that a car cannot be registered unless it acquires the certification of roadworthiness. You must have one such certificate prior to going to the nearest motor vehicle department. So, this certificate is a gateway to vehicle registration.
  • Official Owner: Many car buyers think that they will become the owner of the vehicle once they buy it. This is the reason why they are in such a hurry to transfer it on to their name. But you cannot be considered as the official owner of the car without a valid certificate stating its roadworthiness. Thus, you must ask the sellers for this certificate before buying the car from them.


When do you need a Certificate?

According to the law, a vehicle is required to display a valid roadworthy certificate. This should be processed immediately as soon as you intend to put your car for sale or list it to the public or online market. The enthusiastic buyers will ask for this certificate from you before purchasing the car.

Factors covered by the Certificate of Roadworthiness:

A roadworthy certificate inspection is a thorough check of the car. The roadworthiness test does not signify a check on the general condition or mechanical reliability of the vehicle. This is done to ensure that the important components of the vehicle are in a safe condition for road use. The parts included in the inspections are –

  • Vehicle structure
  • Engine or chassis
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Windscreen
  • Steering and braking systems
  • Washers and wipers
  • Safety related items

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