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Why Do You Need to Switch to a New Web Hosting Provider?

Web hosting is a service which allows an organization or an individual to post a website or a web page on the internet. As far as web hosting provider is a concern, it is a business which provides all the necessary technologies and services needed for a website or a web page to be viewed on the internet.

Are you happy just because you have a website? The website is working fine and the audience is growing day by day and everything seems to go very good until your site goes down. Maybe this is the biggest nightmare for all those who own a website of their own. Having a website requires a lot of care.

We all know you might have invested a lot of money and time to create a website, but haven’t given proper attention and care to hosting until your site went down.

But when it comes to ditching you web host, is it really easy? Are you really ready for the replacement or is it truly better?

The following 5 signs show when you really need to switch your web hosting provider:


1. Your site goes down very often


Anyone who has a website would like it to stay in the crowd. However, to get into the crowd and staying there 100% is very difficult. In most cases, the servers where the website is hosted are not free from technical problems and are needed to maintain, which compromise and disturb the performance and operation of the machine.

There is nothing new in downtimes but if they are becoming regular, it’s time for you to switch to a new web hosting provider. Website downtimes mean the loss of one’s reputation. These downtimes should not be more than 1% and if is constantly going down, then there’s no point to stick with the web host. There’s just no reason to stick with a web host that constantly goes down.


2. Your site gets loaded really very slow


In case of websites and internet, slowness is one of the worst things to come across. In this busy world, nobody likes to wait and a site which takes a lot of time to load loses all the visitors, as they give up waiting for hours and leaves the page. As a result, your site loses the position and goodwill in the search engines like Google.


3. Email does not work


Many hosting companies offer email in their plan, which is an advantage for those hiring. But what if the email services don’t work properly or hardly works. The problem of email not working cause damage not only to the site but also to the owner.

In such a case you need to immediately switch to a new web host.


4. Lack of defence against cyber crimes


Malware, hacking, Trojan horses and others are some of the cyber-attack problems, which affect the website as a whole.

Web hosting providers are the ones to deal with some threats. There are many web hosts which cannot fight against these and get hit by them easily. And if you have subscribed to one of them, you need a replacement quickly.


5. Your files get deleted more often


If your files are accidentally getting deleted from your hosting, you need to think. This problem is not very frequent and common but if they are getting deleted on a regular basis, you just don’t need to think but act. As many poor and bad hosting companies, don’t have an efficient system of data protection for their customers and clients.

Other reasons:

  • Crowded shared server
  • Unable technical support
  • Bad IP-reputation
  • The Upscaling Compulsion
  • Your site is near the limits of hosting features
  • You have found a better hosting

The decision on switching to a new web hosting provider should be taken with proper planning. There shouldn’t be any haste. As migrating can be tricky and needed a lot of care and attention. Make sure you take all the necessary steps to make it work the next time.

So, choose wisely!

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