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Hiring an SEO? In-House or Agency or Freelance Consultancy

Digital market insiders say more SEO works are coming this year than ever before. With plenty of SMEs employing a range of seo providers like Strategic SEO Solutions the race to the top of Google is on! So how you’re going to buy the service from this uncontrolled and indeterminate skillset?  I provide here with some pros and cons of different SEO solutions in order to decide which one is right for you.

Check before hiring an SEO

When you are hiring an SEO, you need to ensure some aspects.


Hire someone who is trustworthy like Do you think the person is a dodgy spammer who won’t hesitate to buy 500 dodgy backlinks to your site, disappearing into the ether once the Google penalty drops? If you hesitated, or answered yes- avoid.


Testimonials or reviews are good sources for tracking record. Ask your consultant for the customer reference. But don’t just rely on the online testimonials as they can manipulate or pay others for the biased reviews.

Get connected with the consultant’s customers to detect whether the projects were outstanding and they are interested in working with them in future.

Again ask the agency with contact information with 4-5 references which will ensure their fairness and authorization.

SEO reporting

SEO reporting is an essential part for selecting a supplier. Ask for access to Google Analytics or Google Search Console at the initial stage. It’ll help you to explore through the current data which is the benchmark of the progression. It’ll not only provide work progress but also transparency.

Make sure, how often reporting will be updated and emails and phone calls will be answered. Confirm it before signing.

Communication skill

Business depends on communication. It’s the bottom line of a successful business. Every SEO have their own style of communication. Ask if they prefer talking in person or via skype, phone, emailing or text. Try to detect how often they will reach out to you with the updates. True SEO experts are deepened with curiosity. So look for the consultant who is eager to learn everything about your business to get the best possible result.

SEO Strategy

The strategy is the keystone for SEO. Though SEO is complex and there is no guarantee here but there should be estimated time for the positive result. So there must be a strategic outline.

Ask them about the strategy and check out whether they –

  • Have Technical knowledge on building a searchable website.
  • Can do white-hat link building through guest post outreach
  • Create high-quality content, etc

Request a strategy proposal from them to get the depth of their understanding.

Price consideration

SEO contracts are a critical consideration and it varies on price and contract length. Some offer to pay on result though it’s not sensible in case of SEO.

Mostly project contracts ranged between $1,000 and $7,500, from Moz’s survey.

If you’re consulting with SEO agencies, be frank and upfront about your budget. It’ll help you to acquire good consultancy at your budget level.

Explore to get for the budget limit but don’t always look for a lower rate as it’s output will not be best.


Have a fair idea on what is outsourced. You should have access to where your money is spent and on what purpose. Mainly, the work like writing and repetitive technical task are outsourced when needed. Maybe it’ll not bring any change at the end but it’s important to know as you are spending money on it.

In-House SEO- Transparency & Brand Value

For flourishing your brand online, a Digital Marketing Manager and in-house SEO is convenient. It’s possible to get skilled and dedicated professional by hiring an SEO in-house.

The Benefits of hiring an in-house SEO

  • Full supervision over your SEO strategy
  • More refinement can be done and able to change the tactic.
  • Through training and seminar, in-house SEO expertise can demonstrate or coach other departments and the employees.

The Downside of hiring an in-house SEO

  • Offering full-time  payment regardless of workflow
  • A single person can’t be skilled fully, you need designers and writers in addition for the SEO projects

Agency SEO- Divergence & Expertise

You get the benefit of a full room of people if you hire SEO agency in one contract. For hiring a good SEO agency, look for their tracking record and their way of client management. In order to get a feel for them, make a face-to-face meeting.

The Benefits of hiring an agency SEO

  • Possible to get a vast range of people and knowledge if worked with an agency.
  • Easy to get a design, writing and technical expertise from one agency.
  • They’ll care about the customer service if you have a good agency.

The Downside of hiring of an agency SEO

  • The contracts may seem expensive and may get tied into a contract  for a substantial minimum term.
  • You won’t get a chance to speak to your SEO that much as the agency use account managers.

Freelance SEO Consultant- Affordable & outsourcing

Many SEO professionals are going freelancing as they are highly experienced and can manage small to mid-range projects personally bypassing working at an agency in-house. They create small dynamic and creative team on freelance marketplace like upwork and do the month-long link building successfully and get benefitted with freelancing.

The Benefits of hiring a freelance SEO consultant

  • Easy to get cheaper rates due to lower overheads.
  • You’ve access to test out different SEO techniques for increasing element of creativity.
  • Consultants are often thirsty for the results.

The Downside of hiring a freelance SEO consultant

  • Some consultants get out of reach and might be untested.
  • Consulting may seem attractive to some people who can’t work with others properly.

You’re the right person to decide which solution you’d take? You may share your thoughts below.

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