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10 Must-Have Writing Apps and Tools for e-Learners

Today, lifelong learning and self-improvement is not just an option, it is a necessity. Whether you are taking up graduate studies, aiming for a promotion, or simply want to expand your knowledge, continuous learning will always be a good move. As Albert Einstein puts it best: “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

Even core and basic skills need leveling up. Writing is one of the essential learning skills that everyone must master. It enables you to communicate more effectively, and create better connections in school, at work, and even in your homes.

It’s an advantage too that  learning is made accessible by Internet connectivity and tech mobility in this digital era. Wherever you are, there are many ways to enrich your mind.  For the e-learner who is always on-the-go, listed below are ten writing apps and tools that will come in handy when the need arises.



Proofreading is a must before turning in any written content for a flawless output. Turn to Grammarly to check if there’s anything amiss in your essay, be it a misspelled word or a missing punctuation.  A simple copy and paste is what you just need to do and Grammarly will handle the rest.  It will analyze your text for any error, highlight it, and suggest corrections for a polished work!


Hanx Writer

One could rarely find, much less use a typewriter nowadays. But actor Tom Hanks collaborated with Hitcents to come up with an app that lets its users experience typing the old-fashioned way by simulating the look, sound, and feel of a typewriter.


What’s more, the app allows you to delete words–a little upgrade from the strikethrough of the vintage mechanical typing machine. With Hanx Writer, you get the best of the old and modern right under your fingertips.


Microsoft Word for Android and iOS

Now, this one’s probably the most popular among the writing tools in this list.


First released in 1983 for MS-DOS as Multi-Tool Word, Microsoft Word has evolved to keep up with changing, and tech-driven lifestyle of its users. It is now available for Android and iOS users, so you won’t have to grope around with a new text editor, and be comfortable with MS Word’s familiarity.

When your to-do list becomes longer than Santa’s gift list, you can always ask for help. For professional writing services that will see you through from start to finish, you can check out It’s a website that offers research, writing, proofreading, and editing so you can get your writing tasks done in no time!


This website can provide help to people who are either stuck in a certain chapter of their paper, or someone who just want to put their writing output on top of the game by having it proofread by a team of research academics.


Monospace Writer

If you’re the type of student who is always focused on learning, you will surely like Monospace Writer’s simple and straightforward user interface.


Minimalism is the name of the game of this particular writing app, keeping only the essentials so you won’t be distracted as you do your job. It allows you to do basic text formatting such as font size, bold, italics, bullet and quote when you highlight a text.


Its best feature though is that it categorizes files based on the hashtags you use. It’s convenient and perfect for #millennials!

OmniOutliner 2

Writing as a process is never really linear, especially when you are just beginning to organize your thoughts!


For such instances, OmniOutliner2 is perfect for you. Starting out with a blank page and using whatever you type as its basis, its organizing features pop up to help you put your thoughts in a cohesive framework. You can choose from hierarchy, columns, styling or notes to give structure to your ideas, and produce a well-written work.

Paraphrasing Tool


When you’re stuck with the same writing pattern, your writing can get a little boring and monotonous. Fortunately, Paraphrasing tool can shake things up for you. It’s easy to use. All you need to do is type in your content, and it will give you a rewritten article, with new words, phrases, or sentences. It remixes your content, and adds a different tone and dynamics to your writing!


If you’re a graduate student, writing and finishing your dissertation paper can be daunting and challenging. You will need to do a lot of reading, research, and analysis to ensure that what you will be producing is A+ material.


The good news is that Uk-Dissertation has the right team to guide you in writing that top notch paper. Its professional service covers developing a proposal, conducting thorough research, and writing high quality academic paper to suit your requirements. Or you can simply contact them for some expert advice.


When you are stumped without a perfect word for your thought, can lend you a hand. It’s an online resource that offers you an expanded vocabulary so you can pick a precise word that you would need for what you want to say.

The app offers a lot of interesting features that enrich your English vocabulary and knowledge, such as the word of the day. It’s your best tool in finding new expressions for your language.


With its simple and intuitive interface, Ulysses packs in full features–from text formatting to spell checking to inclusion of images, hyperlinks, and even footnotes. Its goal setting feature helps you meet your target since you can input the word or character limit you need to beat and track your progress.


Whether you are in Typewriter or Fullscreen mode, all you need is your keyboard to create and enhance your document. You can also connect an external keyboard if you are on your iPhone or iPad.

You also don’t have to worry about losing your document upon saving since Ulysses has a single library storage for all your files. Its hierarchic groups enables you to store your text by subject or by project, and place subgroups underneath it for easier organization.

Writing effectively is now easier because technology offers users a variety of tools directed at making you quite a pro. So, whatever writing task you have at hand, an essay, a thesis, or even just a simple article, try a few of these apps for high quality, professional writing.


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