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Top 8 Technologies That Have Shaped The World Of Golf

While you still have to swing a golf club yourself, Technology has certainly had a big impact in the past 15 – 20 years. Changes shoes, balls, clubs, and equipment have made the game to be not only easier but also more enjoyable. By listening to commercials from manufacturers, you’ll be able to improve your game drastically through stepping up the equipment(s) you use.

As much as it might not be that simple, there’s no doubt that improved equipment will change an average player into an incredible one.

The following are the eight tech changes that have hugely impacted the game of golf:

#1: Golf Club Technology

Over the years, there’s no golf aspect that has changed than golf clubs. Elements such as better graphite shafts, component weight, and aerodynamics have enabled golfers to hit their balls straighter and longer. Head of drivers now boasts the impressive aerodynamics feature. With this new technology, the area results to not only less wind resistance but also more club head speed.

Currently, the components inside a golf club are stronger and lighter compared to how they were 2 – 3 years ago. The average driver can weigh 50 grams lighter in comparison to previous generations of equipment. That results mean that a golfer covers more distance of a golf season or around.

#2: Golf Balls For Each Level Of Play

Golf balls have undergone such a big transformation as well. Now, manufacturers construct five-, four-, three-, two-, and one- piece golf balls. One-piece balls tend to be less complex. They might fly straighter compared to other balls. However, one-piece balls don’t get the exact kind of distance that every golfer wants.

Of great importance to note is the fact that the higher the number of pieces or layers a ball is, the more distance a golfer gets from the fairway or off the tee. Beginners typically use one-piece golf balls. Most golfers prefer two-piece balls. As a golfer improves his or her game, he or she is most likely to utilize balls with a higher number of layers.

#3: Hybrid Golf Clubs

A good number of golfers have a difficult time hitting fairway irons or metals. Hitting the ball from an uneven lie causes trouble for many amateur golfers. That explains why many of them have settled on hybrid clubs. These kinds of clubs boast greater launch capabilities that are handy to help golfers raise their ball in the air more effortlessly. Hybrid clubs are also more forgiving when it comes to poor swings. It means that your ordinary swing doesn’t necessary have to produce bad results.

#4: Balanced Putters

One thing that makes many putts veer off course is the opening of a putter face whenever it contacts the ball. Because of modern technology, putters are now more balanced. Because of that, golfers have the golden opportunity to ensure their putts are on target. Golfers that take their putters straight back need to utilize a face-balanced putter while golfers with arcing stroke do better with ‘to-hang putter.’

As a golfer, it’s highly important to understand the putting stroke they’ve got before buying their putter. Nonetheless, both types provide golfers with an enhanced opportunity to be successful on the green.

#5: Golf Shoes For Utmost Comfort

Once the bane of the existence of most golfers, golf shoes are now a darling of many. Initially, they were not only ugly and heavy but also weren’t waterproof. The only advantage the shoes brought with them is the fact that they offered golfers metal spikes that allowed them to grip the turf with total certainty. After some time, manufacturers began to look at shoes with a much more serious eye. Today’s shoes are not only more attractive, but they’re also more comfortable and lighter. What’s more is the fact that they’re far more effective.

The current golf shoes feature more paddling, waterproofing, top-quality materials, and support. Manufacturers are now building the shoes with comfort as the top priority. This has assisted golfers to get through their walking rounds without blisters and pain. It’s a welcome relief to all golfers that don’t have a cart on their disposal.

#6: Golf Range Finders

Best golf rangefinder is all about peace of mind. These gadgets help golfers to make accurate decisions. They bring with them impressive features that notify the golfer things such as that he or she is far from the hole.

#7: Golf Gloves

There is more to golf gloves than just being a fashion statement. They assist golfers to secure their grip on a club as well as protect their hands from blisters. A good number of right-handed golfers will put on their gloves on their lead or left hand while the left-handed ones will certainly do the opposite. The modern generation gloves give golfers more elasticity thus helping them to have a firmer grip and greater longevity.

#8: Golf Club Fitting

Image source: pga.com

Getting started stands out as one of the most challenging things about golfing. While you might play a round or two of golf with your favorite uncle, it’ll reach a point where you must purchase your clubs. That’s where the stress begins. Choosing the right club can be difficult. Fortunately, technology has simplified things for you. Computer analysis of a swing can be handy at helping golfers settle for the right club.


The above are the top 8 tech changes in golf.

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