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The 6 Steps To A Winning Logo For Your Business [Infographic]

A business’ logo plays a very important role on a lot of factors. It functions as he company’s major visual representation. It also becomes the cornerstone for the business’ graphical branding. It serves as the unique symbol and identification, the most obvious manifestation of the company to its niche or target market. A logo is the face of the company, and the way they can easily represent a whole company or brand has even been recognized by the numerous “Guess the Logo” games that have been popular with smartphone users.

A good logo makes a good impression and fosters initial. Customers trust logos that are well-made and professional as opposed to a sloppy mess, much like how companies prefer applicants who present themselves professionally both in person and on print (which also counts the way their resume looks). This corresponds to how the brain is triggered first by visual impact than the other senses when it comes to decision-making.

Having a winning logo for your business can be tricky. There have been stories of people protesting against logo changes, such as GAP’s change (and eventual reverse). We’ve all read lists of logos that might be a tad too inappropriate in hindsight. Or there might just be logos that are just too boring and desperately need a facelift. And these types of blunders on your business’ logo can be a major gamebreaker and would incur additional costs for fixing the problem.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Read EMedia Creative’s infographic on the 6 steps to a winning logo for your business to make sure that your logo is at the top of its game.

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