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7 Ways to give a human touch to email marketing

Emails are 40 years old, but email marketing is still young.

In 2016, 90 business emails were sent to a person every day on an average.

In 2018, this figure has reached to 121 emails per day.

We can expect a steep hike in the number of 2-4 years. Higher the number of emails in the inbox, lower the chances of opening all.

No, all the 400 million emails sent worldwide are not sent manually. Email automation is the answer. The technology has paid several benefits to the field and fastens the one-to-one communication for businesses.

You might be counting the number of emails you even open from the extensive list you receive every day. I know, you are more likely to click the personalized written content. Yeah, being addressed with one’s name builds a sort of relation, which Dear Sir/ Madam fails to.

If you are also into email marketing, you must know how to pique the readers’ attention and give the content a personalized touch. This article is all about this. Read the ways of making an emotional connection and help your business grow more.

1. Create the feel

Here, making them feel important for a particular brand or business is tricky. One thing the humans have in common is the desire to be significant. No matter which kind of business you do, what kind of clients you have, just remember that all have the desire of feeling important.

You can also relate this to real life. Supposed you are in line at the railway ticket counter (I know most of you book online tickets, but still this is a case with many). There is an old man selling tickets. “What should I ask him to help him make her feel special?” When you reach the window, along with taking the ticket, greet him and appreciate his efforts he has been making for the country.

In email marketing, every other company talks about its products. Think something different and show your appreciation to them.

2. Add a chat head

Give your clients a chance to be available to you. Provide them with the freedom to ask questions comfortably. But the trick here is that let them interact with an actual person. You can let the chat boxes to initiate the talk, but your sales team should also access the conversation when their support is needed.

3. Fade away all the noises

Coming up with a direct mail would help you in standing out from the rest of the noises I the market. Giving the clients a package is the answer. This may sound absurd to you, but the behavior of the readers was tracked as a result of the research. Most of the times, they used to get to the company as well as talk about it.

What are the other components involved in a successful direct mail campaign?

Follow-up from sales and marketing teams

Intentional efforts

Coordination to do the work successfully

4. Build their complete profile

Take every contact in your mailing list and start acting differently. Unlike the other companies, begin the profile doing work with strategizing rather than just personalizing the subject line and the introduction of the email content. You should have the full set of information so that it adds up the campaigning and communications value.

The funnel effect would be a productive move here. Nurture the leads with your out of the ordinary ideas and get potential customers.

5. Storytelling will never go out of style

Be it any culture, society, or business; stories are an integral part. It is an evergreen source of information and eases the process. It is useful because it makes the connection better with the audience. So, try to begin with stories. Get to know their nerve and help them relate to it.

Yes, you got it right.

Stories humanize the mails and are a prominent source of marketing.

Thinking about the feasibility of the idea of connecting clickbait content with stories? Don’t worry; even these advertising tactics can be played well with storytelling. But in the marketing field, the main challenge is to be better than anyone else in the game. You need to bowl in such a way that the other marketing companies (the batsman) get clean bold. In this context, the only way to do so is to tell better stories.

6. Don’t afraid to act contrastingly

Trying something new in this world of fierce competition is the key. So, in order to be different from your competitors, you need to brain-wash the readers with your content. Here, brainwash means diminishing the ideas which have taken over their mind.

For example, Mica is one name which has used this strategy. The SaaS company talked about the downtimes an organization have to suffer at the time of any software update in the industry. It was a contrast step because every other company was talking about the upgrades and their upgrades.

It is one of the prominent ways to show the difference between the rest of the participants.

7. Fulfil the customers’ expectations

It is the direct way to boost your sales. The reason behind the success of most of the companies is that they manage the expectations of their employees. It is of prime importance. But the irony is that not all the business management strategies are able to manage the needs of their customers. It is not difficult. Instead, it is a challenge to take because of the need to change the wrongs in the process.
What do you need to do so?

  • Be transparent
  • Provide them with a useful picture
  • Give them clear timelines

Don’t make the mistake of taking these requirements lightly. They are capable enough to give a human touch to your clients.

The trends have changed. Rather than the start of the expectation management at the purchase negotiation level, it begins at the point of time you reach your client.

When do you think your customer will trust you?

If you know the answer, write it down in the comment section. Otherwise stay tuned to get the best answer to the question.

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