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3 Tips To Being a Healthy & Productive Remote Worker

At AlwaysOn, we’re embarking on a series of posts that collectively shout praise for the exciting new global trend of remote working. This feature of the digital revolution is empowering professionals the world over, in all sectors, allowing them to take charge of their time, their working days, and their careers.

And we’ve decided to be very vocal in making known our collective excitement at the rise and rise of this exciting new way of work day life. Because, as South Africa’s biggest, fastest WiFi network, we feel compelled – even obligated – to promote remote working where we can. And with thousands of Hotspots country-wide, we feel we’re suitably positioned and poised to share every feature and benefit wherever possible.

We’ve spoken at length around the many benefits to remote working, and we’ve shared some humble advice on how to stand out as a remote professional. However, we have yet to touch on the intimate day-to-day details of what it means to be a remote professional. Time management is vital, routine reigns supreme and the danger of cabin fever is real and ever-present.

Here’s what to do to make sure you’re a healthy and productive remote worker:

1. Establish Your Hours – It’s Your Prerogative

You have freedom. It’s the greatest feeling there is. But just because you can work when you want to, you can’t let yourself become adrift. There are still deadlines and expectations to manage and only in the establishment of stipulated working hours, will you find consistency and a solid workflow.

But remember, deciding when you work is now your prerogative. If you’re a night owl, sleep till midday and work the later hours away. If you’re a morning-type, work from cock’s crow. Do it when it suits you best, but do in the hours you’ve set, do it right, and do it on time.

2. Build An Office At Home

Being remote means shifting between mindsets. You work from home, you relax at home – it’s vital that you are able to shift effortlessly between each state of focus.

A big help is to separate, however possible, the physical environments concerning the two. Just as you may spend your downtime in the living room, on the couch, make sure your working hours are spent upright, preferably at a desk, with a comfortable chair, and free from distractions.

3. Get Out Of The House

Like an insidious shadow, cabin fever constantly looms.

With no need to commute to an office, to get out to where there are other human beings (and with no need to interact with those human beings) it can start to feel like you’re the only person left on the face of the earth.

It’s vital, then, that you get out into the day at some point. Go on a grocery run. Go for lunch with a friend. Or, if you can’t step away from the work, find your nearest AlwaysOn Hotspot (there’s sure to be one near you) and work where the air is fresh. It’s not only great for the mind, but it’ll recharge and refresh you.


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This article has been written by Graeme from AlwaysOn, a WIFI provider in South Africa. If you live in South Africa, you can contact AlwaysOn for more on the WiFi revolution, or for seamless connectivity options.

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