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Convenience, Efficiency, Transparency: The Benefits of On-Demand Healthcare Apps for House Calls

On-demand apps don’t merely make scheduling a ride or ordering food easier than ever. They’re also, ironically, bringing back what used to be thought of as an outdated practice in healthcare.

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Specifically, advancements in on-demand Android and iPhone app development are starting to allow users to schedule house calls from medical professionals. The following points explain the range of benefits patients may enjoy as a result of this developing trend:

Easy Access

There are many reasons a person might struggle to reach their doctor when they need medical care. For instance, someone might have limited mobility, and would thus find leaving their home for regular doctor visits challenging.

That doesn’t need to be the case. With an app, they can easily schedule an appointment, knowing the relevant medical professional will visit them, instead of the other way around.

It’s also worth noting that recent events such as the coronavirus pandemic have reminded us that you don’t need limited mobility to be housebound. If someone wants to stay safe during these difficult times, but they need medical care, they might feel more comfortable scheduling a house call with an on-demand app.


The on-demand economy may also have a positive impact on the cost of medical care. Up until now, most doctors have had to provide services via their own offices. This results in high overhead costs.

On the other hand, future doctors may soon be able to operate without a permanent physical space. Their practice can involve primarily or exclusively visiting patients in their homes. This results in lower costs for doctors, which could theoretically result in lower costs for patients as well.

Doctors may also benefit financially through increased job opportunities. On-demand services cater to employees whose schedules may be tight or inconsistent. A doctor participating in an on-demand healthcare service could thus take appointments they might otherwise not be able to accept.

Clear Costs

Transparency is important in healthcare. So important, in fact, that according to one survey, 62% of American patients report that knowing what they might pay out-of-pocket influences whether they decide to seek care at all. Additionally, the vast majority of Americans believe changes in the cost and transparency of healthcare are essential.

This is another reason on-demand apps will benefit patients. These apps typically offer clear and easy-to-understand breakdowns of service costs. This helps patients better understand what they should expect to pay for their care.

Quite simply, while the house call may seem like a thing of the past, on-demand apps are bringing it back. Both patients and their doctors will benefit as a result.

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