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Find Fitness Gadgets That Will Improve Your Workout

Are you always on the lookout for some new fitness gadgets that will allow you to work out smarter and better? Well, here are a few gadgets that every serious fitness and tech lover needs to have at home and in the gym bag. No matter if you’re trying to beat your personal record, reduce the time you spend working out or just improve your form and recovery, these will definitely help.

Smart water bottle

It’s best to start with health and good hydration. When you hit the gym, you often forget to hydrate well, especially in the summer, but you don’t have to worry about dehydration anymore. Ozmo Active Smart Bottle is a 16-ounce bottle that uses vibration and LED signals to remind you to drink. It also follows your daily progress through an app so you can easily improve your hydration habits.

Wireless earbuds

Of course, we all know about AirPods, but if you love to jam while you work out, there are much better choices than Apple’s products. For instance, Jaybird’s Vistas are earbuds built for workouts, yet are also cheaper than AirPods. They don’t mind you sweating and bouncing around—they always deliver comfort and amazing sound. And their battery life is pretty great.

Practical dumbbells

If you love strength training and Crossfit, but just don’t have any space to spare for your equipment, you will love Bowflex. This company put a full set of dumbbells into a handy pair of free weights you can make heavier or lighter with a turn of a dial. Their Bowflex SelectTech app also provides an easy way to track progress, choose workouts and participate in challenges. If you want to know more about CrossFit and fitness in general, make sure to see more here and don’t forget to read their Bowflex reviews. With 9 out of 10 stars from editors, this gadget is really worth your money.

Smart kettlebell

If you’re a serious CrossFit lover, you probably swear by kettlebells. And you really should, because they can provide a great full-body workout. But what happens when you don’t have time for gym sessions? You can bring your workout home and set up a small home gym. With JaxJox KettlebellConnect, a weight that varies from 12 to 42 pounds, you can save a lot of precious space in your home and do everything from swings to deadlifts with one kettlebell.


If you love to monitor your workouts, invest in Garmin’s smartwatch. This timepiece tracks all fitness metrics and health metrics you can imagine. And with the newest Garmin Forerunner models, you can even access Spotify and listen to music or turn on navigation if you have issues finding your way back from the long run.

Smart scale

If you’re one of us that always struggle with weight, this gadget is a must. Smart scales are not a new thing, but Withings is not just a connected scale. Their products offer a full-body composition analysis and can track the progress of your entire family (up to eight different users). With an easy-to-use app, you can monitor all your metrics and even learn about the weather outside, so you can properly dress for your workouts.

Recovery massager

If you hit the gym or track and give it your all, you’ll definitely feel the burn. While this burn means you’re doing well, it can also be very painful. So, consider getting a good therapy device that will ease the pain and help you relax as you watch TV or get ready for bed. Theragun G3 Pro even has extra attachments and extra batteries for full recovery massage sessions.

These gadgets will make exercise easier and more fun than ever. Sometimes, you can rely on technology to improve your progress and make you fitter, stronger and healthier than ever.

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