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DIY: Home brewing vs Vape Juice

People have been brewing and enjoying their beer since at least 5,000 A.D. Modern-day vaping has roots that can be traced back to ancient times, too. Both appear to be growing in popularity, with 40 percent of those who brew beer at home having started in the last 4 years, and 1 in 20 million Americans now using electronic cigarettes. Concocting your own batches of beer and vape juice at home with your home brewing kit gives you total control over what goes into your products, and the ability to tailor flavor profiles to your unique preferences.

Evolution of Beer

Would you have guessed that beer is the oldest recipe in the world? Egyptians recorded their process, noting the use of pomegranates, dates, and other herbs home to the region. Beer recipes were adapted over time based on the availability of ingredients, limited access to clean drinking water, preservative qualities of extra hops and higher alcohol content, and preferences for specific flavor profiles. Journals kept by Pilgrims even suggest the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock because of their need to make more beer, leading to the construction of the very first brewery in the United States.

Evolution of Vaping

While vaping is thought of as a much more modern trend, vaping in different forms has been present through history. Not only did the ancient Egyptians document their creation of beer, but they also used hot stones to vape herbs. Thousands of years ago, people in India began using the shisha, or hookah, to vape. These historical methods of vaping helped pave the way for today’s electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes we know today were actually developed over the past 100 years, though they weren’t popularized until the mid-2000s.


Making your own products to consume gives you absolute control over what goes into them. Venturing into brewing beer at home comes with a high initial cost, typically in the range of $500 for the equipment and ingredients. Beginning to create your own vape juice at home is relatively inexpensive, with starter kits available online costing about $50. Ready to dive in? Pros recommend prioritizing safety, sterilizing equipment regularly, lots of taste testing, and meticulous note-taking to perfect your personal recipes.

Perfect Pairings

What goes together better than wine and cheese? One of the latest trends is pairing your homebrewed beer with homemade vape juice for a totally unique experience. There are many combinations of vape juice and beer that are guaranteed to please your palate. Try pairing a stout beer with a smooth vanilla- or rum-flavored vape juice. A Weissbier, or wheat beer, pairs wonderfully with banana-flavored vape juice. Pair a Kölsch with almond or hazelnut vape juice. Brew the perfect beer to combine with vape juice flavored with pumpkin spice, lemon cake, Lucky Charms, or apple pie. The combinations are endless, so find your favorite!

Creating your own beer and vape juice at home is cost-effective and fun! To take your hobby to the next level, develop flavor profile pairings for an enhanced experience of both.

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