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Published on January 3rd, 2023 | by Bibhuranjan


Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pro Kit-Small Body, Big Upgrade

I believe that friends who are familiar with e-cigarettes must have noticed many new products that have been launched recently, and the new products in 2023 are dazzling. This lost vape ursa baby pro kit can be said to be the most noteworthy product among the new products just launched by hi in 2023. As you can see, the appearance of this device is very fashionable and fresh, and the overall body is small and cute, which is very convenient to carry. It comes in 9 different vibrant colors to show off its delicate beauty. The strong and durable zinc alloy shell not only makes it look full of texture, but also makes your grip more comfortable and effectively prevents your fingerprints from remaining.


In order to allow you to obtain a more perfect vape experience and make this device more performant, this pod mod kit is specially selected to be used with the ursa nano pro empty pod cartridge to obtain the best compatibility. You can get 2.5ml of e-juice capacity, which is believed to meet the vaping needs of most vape enthusiasts. It uses a side filling system, not only has a good leak-proof effect, but also is very convenient and easy to operate, you can add nicotine salt or free base e-liquid in it.

This device is excellent in cloud performance, able to create rich clouds and excellent taste for you. Compared with the previous atomizers, the atomizer of this device has increased by 50% both in taste and atomization time, which can be said to be a major upgrade. Not only that, the coil is also made of superior materials to create better quality, and the coil quality is also extended by 50%. Such a high-end configuration will make you more at ease and comfortable during use, and enjoy the wonderful world brought to you by vape.

If you look carefully, you will find that there is a 0.42-inch OLED display on the surface of this device, through which you can understand the information and operating status of the device more intuitively. The 900mAh battery provides sufficient battery life and sufficient power support for the device. Multiple protection functions such as short circuit protection, weak point protection, overheating protection, etc. provide safety guarantee for your use.

It is not inferior in terms of output power, the maximum output of 25 watts can meet your needs for MTL-Loose MTL, and even reach the range of RL. In general, whether it is aesthetic fashion, ergonomics or functional configuration, this pro version has been significantly improved compared with the previous version. This device is more suitable for business people and more mature e-cigarette enthusiasts in all aspects. The simple, stylish and steady appearance can bring you a more professional feeling.

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