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Why are Dry Herb Vaporizers a superior form of Vaping?

When it comes to personal smoking technologies, vape is undoubtedly the reining king of the cutting edge in what’s possible. Vaping brings all the joys of traditional smoking with minimal to no side effects for doing so. Like everything, vaping too is going through its evolutionary phases, and one of the newest iterations of vape is Dry Herb Vaporizers, which are getting increasingly popular among vaping enthusiasts.

What is a Dry Herb vaporizer?

Unlike traditional vape pens, where you have to load it up with oils, a dry herb vaporizer instead uses dry herbs to give you the vape effect. In place of the oils, you put your desired herb into the pen and proceed to smoke it as usual.

The difference with dry herb vaporizers is that, the herbs themselves are roasted at much lower temperatures compared to vaping oils. This low heating facilitates roasting of the herb to release their Cannabinoids and Terpenes as vapors. Hence eliminating the formation of soot and other unwanted substances in the apparatus and keeping the carbon footprint minimal.

The heating is achieved via convection or conduction, which heats up the herbs evenly, resulting in better flavor when the vape is consumed.

That being said, of the two, convection heating is a more efficient process than conduction since it manages to evenly extract most of the flavor from the herbs. However convection warmers might not be as portable as the conduction models and to get a list what model is perfect for your use, you can visit Haze Smoke Shop for the newest models of herbal Vaporizers, e-Cigarettes and other vaping accessories.

Benefits of Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer

There are many advantages of using a dry herb vaporizer over Oil, cartridge based vaporizers. A few of them being:

1. Dry herb vaporizers are safer to use over Traditional vaporizers since the mixture of herbs is mostly natural than synthesized. This is in stark contrast to conventional vaping pens that use synthetic oils to typically produce flavors. The smoke produced with dry herb vaporizers is ultimately less toxic as compared to oils that can contain harmful carcinogens due to their type.

2. Dry Herbs typically produce a much more pronounced flavor due to how they undergo smoking process. More and more people that start adopting dry herbs vape for consumption, have confirmed that the flavors are a lot more pronounced and the experience is overall smoother.

3. Dry herb vaporizers come in two variants – desktop and portable. Both of them have their pros and cons. So depending on your usage patterns, you have the option to opt one or the other or both.

4. If you are using convection heating to extract the herbs in your vaporizer, then you are especially making the most of the herbs, as it extracts all of the flavor without actually burning the herbs. This results in less inhalation of carbon particles, produced from burning and in turn you get a cleaner flavor.

5. Cleaning your dry vape apparatus is much more easier than cleaning out traditional vape that uses oils. Sine the only remaining particulate is dry leftovers, after the flavor from the herbs are effectively extracted.

6. Dry herbs are much more readily available. This can be appealing to people that don’t have immediate access to herbs in some regions. Locally grown herbs can also be used as a substitute in most cases.

7. Dry herb vaporizers also see clinical uses. Many patients use it as a means to control symptoms such as migraines, mental health, etc.

8. Dry Herb vaporizers also share the same effect as traditional vaping, where you can control the amount of “high” that you get in each hit, depending on your temperature. You can set the temperature lower for a milder effect or you can set it moderately high for a stronger hit.

9. Dry herb vaporizers are discrete and don’t smell as much as other forms of vaping and smoking.

Vape Vs. Smoking

It has been widely regarded that inhalation of combustible substances leads to many forms of cancers. Dry vaporizers avoid this issue to an extent by simply heating the herbs to temperatures where they don’t burn, but rather start releasing their inner vapors for consumption. As a result, the risk of combustible carcinogens entering into the body gets minimized a lot. Smoking also produces a very distinct and unpleasant odor, which can cause people nearby to take issue, since there are many individuals that don’t smoke.

Finally, where smoking requires you to light up a joint or a cigarette, there is no such process involved in herbal vaporizers. Thus making them safer in a relative sense in places where smoking or combustion is prohibited.


Herbal vaporizers are revolutionizing the way that vaping is perceived. It is very quickly becoming the next best thing in the realm of getting rid of synthetic smoking products. Herbal vaporizers are also being considered as a form of alternate treatment for many ailments in the human body, all the while reducing the risk of cancers and other side effects.

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