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Virtual Number: Learn The 3 Different Types And How You Can Get The Most Out Of Them

A virtual number may not be the most popular invention of the millennium, but it certainly is one of the most useful ones today. That’s why Freeje and other providers continue to bring this product and related services to the market.

A superior upgrade to its regular counterpart, it does a lot more too. If want to know more about this and how it can work for your business, we recommend that you read this to the end.

Which types can you get?

There are a few ways that experts in the telecommunications industry categorize them. But for our purposes, we’ll determine the types based on their function:

1. Toll free number

If you’ve grown up to home shopping channels, then you’re probably familiar with Toll Free Numbers. Its most familiar format is the 1-800, but there are also less popular (but still as effective) ones that you can get.

When it first came out, calling people wasn’t as cheap as we have them today. So even if you’re interested in something, you’ll think twice before dialing the number.

So what companies did, they removed this issue by absorbing the charges their callers would have incurred. This one change massively improved the influx of calls that they were receiving.

Having been used by marketing departments as early as the 70s, its usefulness in connecting people with companies is still very great. And even better for smaller enterprises, acquiring one is much cheaper and easier than it was before.

There two types that you can get now:

  1. International toll free number –  This one applies to an entire country, not just to one area.
  2. Universal international freephone number – This applies to multiple countries, so everywhere that it’s registered, people will only have to use one number.

From its name, this type will make it look like you’re from a certain place. For example, a person in Poland can get a number from New York or Paris easily. In doing so, he’s able to evade long-distance charges.

2. Vanity number

These are numbers made for you. And it’s not because you just want a particular sequence of numbers for no reason. It’s a great way to make the number more memorable and reflect what your enterprise does.

Therefore, a number can be both a local area number and a vanity number. The same way goes for toll free.

As you’re given the freedom to be as creative as you want, we recommend that you make it worth it. For example, if your business sells shoes, it can be 1-800-GET-SHOE.

Interested in maximizing the value of a virtual number to your business?

Here are a few things that you can do with it

What you have to remember about VoIP numbers is they’re the same as their regular counterparts. The main difference is this tech is created and used through the internet.

Like everything that’s created through the internet, it’s better. A lot of functions you wouldn’t get with the regular version are made available. And because the features that you can access through your virtual phone number are practically endless, so are the possibilities.

Protect your privacy

You can route calls from your real number to your purchased virtual number. This way, anyone would still be able to access you but without giving up your real number.

This also protects you from identity theft in case your personal number is connected to email addresses and bank information.

Use it for SMS marketing

95% of people read their text messages within five minutes. This makes for a great open rate, allowing you to maximize the revenue from each SMS.

Plus, SMS marketing is quick and easy to set up so you can monitor its performance and make changes easily.

Connect with your market

Despite the advancements available today, people still expect any legitimate business to be available via call. And thanks to IP numbers, this doesn’t mean setting up a physical phone system.

No matter where your target market is in the world, you can reliably contact them without issues and without incurring a hefty international phone bill.

Tap a new market

As you can present your business to be local by getting a number from that area, it’s a great way to gather the trust of a local market.

For example, if you’re cold calling, a person would be more likely to answer a call if the caller ID shows that the number is calling from a local area instead of a place they’ve never been to.

If you want to enjoy these and more with just a few dollars per month, download Freeje Optimum toll free number app on Google Playstore right now. Select, purchase, use, and manage your numbers all in one place easily with this compact yet powerful app.

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