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Buy Virtual Number to Receive SMS

Is it possible not to spread your personal phone number but still enjoy all benefits of the Internet and register on definite sites, which require your contacts to send a confirmation code with an SMS? Nowadays, it is feasible if you buy virtual number to receive SMS.

Every time you are required to give a phone number for signing up, you just enter a not real one. So, you fulfill the requirement and protect your personal data. A virtual phone number can ensure a high level of security for your contacts.

Additionally, the choice of a virtual number to receive SMS is useful for the organization of corporate mailing and commercial proposition spread.

Peculiarities of the Virtual Phone Number for SMS

All messages that you receive to the special phone number could be received through web resources; so, they are called virtual or online SMS. This feature of virtual contact is very convenient in cases when it is impossible to use the landline telephone or the company moves and wants to keep all numbers. Furthermore, remote work, which is quite popular today, becomes more convenient with the use of online messages.

Virtual telephone number is a great solution for the following issues:

  • Confidentiality protection
  • Provision of access to one telephone to diverse individuals
  • Getting a large number of SMSs

The list of the application of online SMS can be expanded.

The Best Virtual Numbers with HotTelecom

HotTelecom is the best provider of virtual numbers for messages due to these advantages:

  • 100% assurance of personal information protection
  • Constant customer support
  • Quality standing connection
  • Coverage in 90 countries (Denmark, Austria, Canada, Belarus, Finland, etc.)
  • Diversity of payment methods
  • Free SIP-account
  • A variety of tariff systems (select one in accordance with your communication needs)

HotTelecom provides different types of online telephone numbers, including toll-free, second phone, mobile phone, and landline phone numbers.

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