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How to buy app downloads for maximum revenue?

ASO managers and marketers use to buy keyword installs for regular and long-term promotions. This promotion gives the app the ranks by the relevant words and phrases. Though iOS and Android algorithms are different an overall idea of promotion is pretty the same. You should be at the maximum position possible for the most relevant words. Under relevancy, we mean an average probability that the customer will click, read the app page, and download the product. The higher is the relevance and quality of the traffic, the higher will be the revenue from the product. In the text below we explain how to maximize the revenue from promotion by keywords.

Make sure only relevant keywords are in place

All words and phrases of your app are related to one keyword cloud. A common cloud or you may call it the list, contains 100-200 words and phrases. They should be grouped by the meaningful parts and show a certain intent of the customer. For example, willing to buy, entertain, or solve a problem.

Your marketing budget can not cover the overall promotion by hundreds of keywords, so you should define a dozen of the most convertible keywords and plan promotion by them. When the keyword is a new one and you do not know the relevance of it and how many conversions into downloads it will bring, you should search for it at the App Store or Play Store. So that you would either see your competitors at the search results or the keyword is not relevant for you. You should check each keyword and expand your cloud with any relevant autosuggestion you bump into.

When grouping and manual check is done, you can prioritize the most convertible keywords and start promotion by them with incentive installs.

Plan complex multiregional promotion with gradual rank growth

To get maximum ranks and most of the traffic at search, you should promote slowly, increasing the number of installs. You should start with a vast screening for all your keywords. This means you should buy 10 app downloads for the keyword of the application for 2-3 days of promotion. On the 4th day you should divide the keywords by three groups: the words and phrases that did not move up the ranks after screening, keywords ranked up but still below the 20th position and keywords ranked up and before the 20th position at the search. The first group should be promoted by the campaign with 15 installs per day instead of 10 until these keywords reach 20th positions. The second group should be promoted with the same number of downloads. The second group of keywords should be moved up the ranks with a gradual increase with 1.5 more per each day.

When you know the number of words and phrases for promotion per region, think over 3-4 regions that could be crucial traffic sources. If you promote them simultaneously, you get an organic boost that is far bigger than if you would compete in one of them only. Most ASO and marketing practitioners do this kind of mistake: they consider that the USA is extremely lucrative, so all try to move into this region, altogether increasing the competitiveness and minimum amount of installs to get +1 position at iOS or Android search.

Rearrange your focus and buy app installs where you need them

Use the report from Search Console to check the conversion rate from the search but separate keywords. If the conversion rate is low and you do not get enough downloads and in-app activity from one of them – stop promotion by them and spend the resources on the more promising words and phrases instead. Take into account that the same keywords perform differently at this or that region. So, do not hesitate to double-check the performance with Search Console. It updates in 2-3 days with the freshest data about your app’s ranks, so do not miss this lag while promoting.

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