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Quality Logic Software Testing Company: Fundamentals of Mobile App Testing


In the fiercely competitive world of applications development, software testing is very critical. The increasing proliferation of cell phone across multimedia, utilities, communications, and productivity is presently crucial, according to Transparency Market Research (TMR).

Why examine your program? Smartphone software assay enables coders to build applications that are seamlessly scalable and accessible across different platforms. Here is an insight into the fundamentals of mobile app testing.

1. Overall User Interface

Are your customers satisfied with the user interface functionality of your program? Well, the overall user behaviour on an app, whenever it’s downloaded is essential. This dictates whether your app would be within the bounds of possibly competing favourably or not. Analysis for user interface would give you an edge over the other program giants.

Using QualityLogic software testing company analytics, the overall user interface of your App would be readily achieved. Analytics services leverage data about customers’ communication with software. The services are used to measure specific parts’ performance before it’s released into the market. Analytics ensure easy navigation throughout the pages, fast loading, shareable, and it includes a search feature.

2. Network Preferences

Some mobile software such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are designed to be accessed when a user is online while others would seamlessly function offline. With those that are accessible offline, there is nothing to chicken out about when it comes to network, provided the app is correctly downloaded.

Applications that are accessed online need network analysis to ascertain their functionality. It’s recommended to have your package tested under different network conditions. Precisely, the package is subjected to low internet levels such as the 2G network and access how it performs. This would help you know how best it’s likely to perform under challenging network scenarios.

3. Selection of OS

Development of application is always geared to solving problems. However, depending on how you’ve coded yours, it would be difficult for the package to be used under multiple mobile Operating Systems (OS).

For instance, Android, which is the giant, uses OS while its competitor, Apple, uses IOS. IOS devices include iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and they use packages which are specifically designed. Android devices, which include Samsung, HTC, Nokia, among others, use programs from Google App Store.

On the other hand, Samsung devices though using Android OS, have their programs found in the Galaxy App Store, which can’t be installed in other Android devices. This implies that applications meant for Android can never be used in Apple, while those on the Galaxy App Store can’t be used on other Android devices and vice versa.

Nonetheless, with Android devices restricting apps from unknown sources such as personal websites, it would be wise to examine your program right off. Testing would help determine where your package is likely to perform best when realised or better yet, host it on Google App Store.

4. Performance

Have you ever downloaded a program and when trying to use it becomes a hassle? Yes, this is what is likely to happen whenever you choose to launch your app without analysing its performance.

Before releasing a program, it’s overly essential to make sure it has minimal bugs. These are defects that can adversely affect the performance of your package when it is launched. Assessing performance metrics such as app responsiveness and stability at QualityLogic software testing company would come in handy.

You would have both Alpha and Beta experiments conducted to make sure your app is in the best condition possible. The Beta assay is usually the final analysis done before an App is released to the market, and it looks into the app’s installations and uninstalls, updates, notifications, specifications, ensure seamless performance.

5. Improve SEO Ranking

It would be disheartening for your app not to attract traffic on Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) simply because you underrated the importance of examining.

Even when you presume that your coding is top notch, testing ensures a package is checked for crashes and bugs that would otherwise be detected by Google crawlers leading to poor ranking.

6. Boost the Quality of Visuals

So, how is the quality of visuals boosted? Here, an examination is conducted to ascertain that projection of graphical interface for users is correct as well as check the language input to ensure it concurs with every selection made.

Similarly, testing exposes whether your app’s display coincides the screen size, resolution, and orientation of variant phones.

7. Manual and Automated Testing

Manual testing is where the QA team reads through your code written document of the mobile app to countercheck it’s flawless and reaffirm all the requirements have been met. This is what is used to determine whether all pieces and steps of the written codes are present.

After ascertaining that the codes are okay, a scripted (automated) test is run, and any fault or omission found are corrected accordingly. At the end of the long, is a superb program that would receive a warm reception in the market.

To recoup the cost of developing an app, it’s essential to keep improving on your smartphones’ software. This is likely to keep your customers intrigued to your package. Nonetheless, you will still make some bucks from every update done by users.

Improving an already-in-use program is within the bounds of possibility to cost you a pretty pocket when it comes to analysis. Ultimately, testing your cell phone app in a reputable company is likely to be a stepping stone to increased traffic and downloads when you officially launched the package.

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